New questions are always being added – check often for updates! :)

1. Who takes your pictures?
I do, most of the time. If the picture is of me, Kylor takes it and if it’s of the both of us, we get Kylor’s best buddy, Kash to do it:)

2. What kind of camera do you use?
I actually broke my camera recently, which is why the pictures posted kinda suck right now. I’m in the market for a new one, though! Any suggestions? Right now, I’m using the camera on my phone, though. Sorry! :(

3. What do you do for a living?
I am a receptionist and accounting clerk for a car dealership in Phoenix, AZ and I also am a freelance beauty blogger/writer for this blog and a local magazine we have here in AZ.

4. How do you curl/straighten your hair?
I don’t generally curl my hair, but when I do, I use a. I straighten my ahir just about everyday though, and I use a.

5. What makeup do you use?
I use tons of different makeup! You can see all the makeup I own under my Collection page, all the makeup I’ve used up under the Product I’ve Used Up page and of course, you can check out any of my posts to see what I’m using, what I’m loving or leaving and my thoughts on trends and such:)

6. How do you stay in shape?
I am lucky – I was blessed with a very fast metablilism. I do work out sometimes – not nearly as much as I should, though. I enjoy wimming in the summers and I did play a lot of sports when I was younger.

7. How did you break into the industry?
For the car dealership, it wasn’t really breaking into anything. I just took a job out of high school. I had worked in retail during high school, so I had “people” experience.
As for the freelance beauty blogger thing, I got the job at the local magazine because of my connections I had from high school, and I had always wanted to start a blog, so I just started one and started working with PR companies (again, connections from high school and the magazine) and now here we are. I am just starting out, though, so I hope to be one of the best one day.

8. What is your skincare routine?
I don’t have a set of skincare products that I ALWAYS use, but I’ll make a post on my detailed skin care routine. I will link it up here once it is up and published.

9. What kind of dogs are Rocky and Bambi?
We’re not totally sure, actually. They’re both mixed and we believe that Rocky is Golden Retreiver and something else mixed, and that Babmi is a German Shepard/Aussie Healer mix.

10. What are some of your favorite products?
Oh, this is a hard question. I have favorites for every category of beauty products. Keep your eyes out for a monthly favorites post and a yearly “favorites of the year” post to find out what I’m loving :)

11. What are your favorite nail polishes?
I really like Essie nail polishes. And OPI, China Glaze, and Julep. It really depends on what nail look I’m going for though. I have a wide variety of nail polish brands, and I’m always on the lookout for new brands and colors to try! :)

12. Where do you like to shop?
I like to shop @ Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Sephora, Ulta, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s and anywhere else I can find! I love shopping:) It’s my hobby, don’t judge:)

13. Can I make a blog post request/write a guest post/etc?
Absolutely! Just e-mail me @ shandimessmer@hotmail.com. I reply to every e-mail you guys send me:)



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