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I am a 19 year old beauty addict, but not just in the makeup sense. I am addicted to all things that make life beautiful.

I reside in Phoenix, AZ with my fantastic boyfriend, Kylor (seen on the blog) and our two adorable dogs, Rocky and Bambi:)

Feel free to e-mail me @
This is a PR friendly blog. Please just e-mail at the above e-mail address.

For all PR reps contacting me for reviews: I am more than happy to review your products. Simply send an e-mail to Please note, when doing a review, I will take some time to test the product, then do a review post on each individual product you send. I will include my completely honest thoughts and opinions, some pictures of my own and some hi-res images (if you provide any), and information from any press releases you provide. Your products may or may not be mentioned in other posts (besides the review post), i.e. First Impressions posts, Monthly Favorite, etc. Please e-mail me at with any questions or to send me any products you would like reviewed on my blog.

Thank you:)


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