Haul: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Haul

I recently won an Ebay auction for a lot of Victoria’s Secret beauty products. I do enjoy their beauty products, which is why I bid. I got all of the following for less than $15.00 USD. Shall we begin?

Product #1:Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Bronzer in Lotta Bronze ($7.00 USD). This is discontinued, I believe, but I LOVED their Beauty Rush line, so I was really excited to get on of the old bronzers.

Product #2: Victoria’s Secret All-Over Shimmer Powder in Candy Girl ($14.00 USD). This one was kind of meh for me. It got a little beaten up in shipping, but I’m sure I can find some way to make it work, and the color is absolutely gorgeous. :D

Product #3: Victoria’s Secret Eye Flash Bright Radiance Eye Pen in Spotlight ($12.00 USD). This is another product that I believe is discontinued, but I didn’t even know that they made eye brightening pens (and I ended up with this one and another one, shown below). I do really like this one. Spotlight is the only color that they made this in, that I know of.

Product #4: Victoria’s Secret VS Pro Light FX HD Eye Brightener ($14.00 USD). I honestly think that I like this eye brightening pen more then I like the other one (shown above) because this one has a little hint of shimmer in it, and I really love the shimmer, as long as it’s not too much shimmer. I hate going overboard:D

Product #5: Victoria’s Secret Sexy Spring Eyes Palette ($15.00 USD). I really love this palette. It comes with six eyeshadows and one gel eyeliner. It says that it is a $40.00 USD value, but retailed for $15.00 USD. The colors are pretty pigmented and they seem like really good quality. I haven’t had much of a chance to play around with it, but I am excited to try it. I do believe this is discontinued, as well.

Product #6: Victoria’s Secret Shimmer Shadow in Gold Dust ($5.99 USD). I think this is such a gorgeous shade. It’s a very pretty, very simple shimmer-y gold color and I do like the pigmentation. It’s very understated, and I was excited to try this. This is also discontinued, I believe.

Have you guys ever tried any beauty products by Victoria’s Secret? I love their body sprays & lotions! :D


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