Haul: July 2012 Sephora Beauty Haul

So, I make a purchase at Sephora every month and I figured I would start sharing them with you guys! This month I got:

The Tokidoki Arte Palette in 24 Karat. I have one of the other Tokidoki Arte Palettes (in Vegas), and I do really like it. These are normally $10.00 USD, but right now they are on clearance for $6.00 USD each, which is one of the main reasons I got this palette.

I also got the Tokidoki Arte Palette in Lion Pappa, for the same reasons listed above. I really liked this one, I think it’s such a great color combination and the blush is so pretty! :)

The next thing I got was the Benefit Legally Bronze Set. This retails for $38.00 USD and it comes with four full-size products. I HAD TO HAVE IT. Seriously. It comes with a full-size High Beam ($26), a full-size Hoola Bronzer ($28), a full-size Gilded highlighter ($18), and a full-size BadGal Lash Brown ($18). . . .all for $38. I would have been stupid not to get it. . . I do like all of the products so far, but I’m still playing around with them, so keep an eye out for future updates:)

Then I used a promo code to get this Murad set, which consists of a mini Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel and a mini Clarifying Mask. I have tried a few Murad products before, but neither of these two, and they seemed like decent sizes, so for free (with a promo code), I figured I should probably try them out.

Then I cashed in 100 beauty bank points for a mini 3-step Clinique skin care system. I have one of their Clarifying Lotions already, and I use it everyday (I love it!), but I haven’t tried all three products together, so this was a cute little mini set that caught my eye and I figured I might as well give it a try:)

And then for my three free samples, I chose a Lavanilla sunscreen, an Hourglass Fluid Makeup sample, and an Origins GinZing eye cream sample.

What have you guys recently purchased at Sephora?

3 thoughts on “Haul: July 2012 Sephora Beauty Haul

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