Haul: Amazon Haul from my $100 GiftCard Win!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I won a $100 giftcard from I Love My Kids (blog), during a giveaway that she was hosting. So, of course, I had to use it to buy makeup! (This post is very late because everything I bought shipped separately. . . lame Amazon, real lame. . . )

So, let’s get started with the haulage:

Sorry it’s so blurry :( I didn’t notice until I uploaded it.

It melted a bit, but it’s all better now! :)

The first thing I picked out was the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in 025 Peach Parfait.

I picked this because I have one Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 095 Creme Brulee, and I LOVE it! I wanted to get Tutti Frutti, but the only one I could find on Amazon was almost $10 USD, and I knew that they weren’t even that expensive in stores, so instead I went with my second choice, the Peach Parfait one. I paid $7.49 USD for it.

The second thing I bought was the NYX Sharpener.

I bought this because I have a bunch of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, and these are supposed to be able to sharpen them, although I haven’t tried it yet. I hope so though . . .I paid $4.50 USD for this.

The third thing I bought was the Maybelline New York Pure Makeup Foundation in 2 Light (Classic Ivory).

I bought this because I used to use this foundation ALL THE TIME, but it’s discontinued now :( So, when I found it, I had to jump on it. I paid $5.95 USD for this foundation. I really like it because it is 50% water, so it’s not as heavy as most foundations.

Next up is the Coastal Scents Brush Purifier.

I bought this because I wanted a new brush cleanser and I really wanna try more Coastal Scents products, so I bought this for $4.95 USD. I’m not too pleased with it though. The way you use it is very different than most brush cleansers, and I have used it once so far and only have 1/4 of the bottle left. So, I feel like I will stick to my regular brushes for now.

Next up is the NYX Cosmetics Nude on Nude Palette.

I bought this because I really like NYX Cosmetics and I heard this was a similar dupe to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I almost bought one of those (since I am one of the only people in the world without them), but this one had double the eyeshadows + 10 lip glosses for half the price, so I chose this one. I paid $23.28 USD for this palette on Amazon.

Next, I bought that Korres High-Drama Antioxidant Color Collection.

This is a discontined product, and a lot of of the stuff inside is discontined, but a couple aren’t. This retails for $39.50 USD, and I paid $19.99 USD, but it is a $117.00 USD value (a breakdown is below). Everything in the kit is full-size, which is the main reason I bought it. That, and I love Korres makeup products and I like discontinued stuff that is hard to find.

First up in the set were four Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadows.
From left to right in all above photos: 28 Golden Brown, 25 Golden, 55 Metallic Grey, 49 Cypress Green.

These shadows are all discontinued, but they did cost $16.00 USD each when they were around. I really like the colors and they are really pigmented.

The next item in the kit was the Korres Pencil Eyeliner in 1 Black.

This is not discontinued, and I really like the color and how smoothly it glides on. I’m really excited to play around with this. This retails for $16.00 USD as well.

The next item in the kit is the Korres ProVitamin B5 & Rice Bran Mascara in 01 Black.

This retails for $18.00 USD. I haven’t really tried this yet, because I’m working on a couple of other mascaras, but I do like the brush and it looks pretty good;)

The last item in the kit is the Korres Cherry Oil Lip Gloss in 27 Plum.

This retails for $17.00 USD, and is a gorgeous dark red/plum-y color. I really like it and the formula is great. It’s very long-lasting and I love Korres lip products.

I also bought three NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencils, one of which is in 609 French Fries.

I LOVE these, and I use them as colored bases for my eyeshadows, along with a number of other cream eyeshadow products, but NYX are some of my favorite products. I chose French Fries because I thought it was a pretty bronze-y color and I really liked the name! :)

I also bought 614 Lavender. . .

And 613 Lemon (shows up as Lime on the NYX website).

I also bought the Korres Vitamin E Face Primer.

This retails for $28.00 USD, but I purchased it for $9.82 USD. That’s partly why I bought it, I couldn’t believe it was that cheap! Plus, I really wanted to try this face primer, along with the pomegranate one that I have a sample of. But, I have recently acquired a ton of new face primers somehow, so I think it’ll be a while before I get to use up this one:(

The last thing I bought was the Coastal Scent Warm 88 Palette.

This retails for $24.95 USD and I bought it because I didn’t have any other Coastal Scent 88 palettes (now I do, stay tuned for the June Collective Haul!) and I really like the warm, neutral colors, so I bought this one! :)

What do you guys think? Remember to enter giveaways, you never know what you might win! :D


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