Saturday Sparkle 07/14/2012

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5 Things I’m Currently Loving:

1. Finding tons of new makeup on sale + clearance at Target and (even, if you can believe it) at Fry’s Food & Drug.

2. Netflix is awesome for finding random movies and TV shows and cuddling with Kylor every night <3.

3. Christopher Titus and all of comedy specials and his (cancelled) TV show. He is so funny!

4. The fact that Kylor had 3 days off this week and I got to spend tons of times with him<3

5. Dream Dinners – I can’t wait to back this month and make some more yummmy food! :D


Reading: I picked up a couple of books at a bookstore recently (3, to be exact), and I’m making my way through those. More details in the Collective Haul Post coming at the end of the month:)

Watching: Kylor, Kash and I are having a Harry Potter marathon. Other than that, some random shows on TV and some stuff from Netflix:)

Eating: Queso dip made by my step-dad, Rob:) Some tortilla pizzas and some yummy yummy pasta with wine that Kylor made for me<3

Drinking: Wayyyy too much Mountain Dew and some juice next:)

Wearing: New jeans from Target and a bunch of new shirts that my Mom bought me on a shopping spree together:) (Look out for those in the Collective Haul!)

Loathing: Suck-ass little whiny bitches that can’t get over shit a year later (sorry for the rant, but it’s a long story that has lasted a year), and if it doesn’t end soon, someone is getting my foot in there ass<3

Linky Love:

Polish and Pearls let us peek in on her newest haul to Ulta and MAC!

My Women Stuff shared some helpful tips for fellow bloggers out there.

Nouveau Cheap shared some more details and sightings on a new Essie collection.

Beauty By Krystal shared an awesome GWP that Philosophy is currently doing!



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