Review: UTATZ Airbrush Tattoo Spray System

I was recently given the opportunity to review the UTATZ Airbrush Tattoo Spray System.

All of this great stuff was included in that little kit! The kit comes with: the airbrush spray, 5 stencils, detailed & illustrated instructions & alcohol prep pads.

These are the information sheets & instructions.

So, I gave myself, Kylor, my mom and my grandma a tattoo to see how they hold up under different settings and different skin conditions. I took pictures when I gave myself one. As I go through, I’ll explain the instructions by the pictures:

1. Clean the desired area and use the supplied UTATZ alcohol swab. Allow the area to dry. For optimum and long lasting results you can shave the desired area.

2. Slowly peel of the tattoo stencil. Position one end of the stencil and slowly toll onto the skin applying pressure at important design elements, edges and corners.

3. Shake the UTATZ spray for about 20 seconds and frequently during use.

4. Use the UTATZ spray on the skin in short rapid bursts from a minimum distance of 4 inches. NOTE: Avoid over spraying, as this will make your UTATZ tattoo run and you will not get clear defined results. If you would like your UTATZ to last longer, please apply step 4 again.

5. Wait approximately 30 seconds then carefully remove the stencil. You may replace the stencil back onto the backing paper for future use. NOTE: Avoid face and eyes, irritated or broken skin and sensitive body parts. If you experience skin reddening or irritation consult your physician immediately.

* Removing a UTATZ is very easy. Simply wipe over with baby oil or an alcohol based cleaner and it’s gone.
* In the unlikely event of a reaction please remove your UTATZ.

* Clean the area first with the provided UTATZ swab.
* You may also shave the area for a longer lasting UTATZ.
* In the stencil application process, spray multiple light coats.
* When showering, do not scrub your tattoo. When drying, lightly dab the area.

The Press Release says: 
Mission: To provide temporary tattoos that look like the real thing. To take the technology of large airbrushing machine into a portable spray can. With UTATZ, you can change your tattoo every day! Just like you change your clothes or makeup!
Info on the UTATZ spray can: The spray can is made in Milan, Italy and took over 2 years to develop. The tattoo spray lasts for up to 3 days, dries in seconds, and is water resistant. UTATZ is classed as a cosmetic product and only contains FDA approved ingredients. You can get between 25 and 40 single UTATZ from a spray can.
Spray Can Colors: We currently have black for sale on the UTATZ website. The following colors are in the final stages of testing and will be released in the USA in the forth-coming months: silver, gold, red, white, pink, brown, UTATZ glitter sprays.
Stencils: On, we have a stencil datebase. UTATZ are also able to do custom design. The stencils are made from medical grade ingredients. The stencils are multi-use. Just replace the backing and you may use the same stencil up to 5 times.”

First Impressions: I thought this was such a genius idea. I have two tattoos myself, and Kylor has none. I thought it would be a nice, easy way to test out different places on your body. I put a butterfly design on my foot, and now I know what it would look like if I had a tattoo on my foot. This seemed easy enough to apply, and it seemed easy enough to do it yourself.

Packaging: Everything is packaged in a plastic container, and they fit quite a lot of things in there! The tattoo spray reminds me of a mini can of spray paint.

Scent: No scent that I can smell.

Color/Pigmentation: The only color available now is black (though other colors are being released soon), and it is very pigmented.

Staying Power: These do last a couple of days in MOST conditions (Kylor sweats a lot, and his was gone after about 24 hours). Mine lasted different amounts of time on different parts of my body, but all in all they mostly lasted for about the 3 day mark.

Details On Mine: Mine was sent to me for review (though that in no way alters my opinion or this review) and it is one of the full-size kits that you can buy online. I would repurchase this in different colors.

Price/Availability: These are available here for $20.00 USD (for the kit I have), can purchase in different amounts, kits, and individually.



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