Unboxing: June 2012 Goodebox

I got my very first Goodebox in the mail the other day! I must say, after my first box, and I am very happy with this subscription service.

The card it came with unfolded, and this is the center.

The front of the card says:
“Greetings Goodebox Members!

Summer has officially arrived. Ready for some outdoor, warm weather fun? I know we are. Less clothes and more sun call for a little extra love for elements-exposed skin. It’s also time to switch up the skin care regime to handle a little more oil production & sunscreen removal, and add a little color to highlight your own inner brilliance. We’re lucky to have one very particular, ‘make no bones about it’ Guest Expert Curator this month, who has developed her love of clean beauty through trial and error in her adventures in Hollywood & beauty writing. Meet Katherine Butler.”

There was a part introducing Katherine Butler, and it says:
“Katherine is a Los-Angeles-based writer who mixes green with Hollywood. For the past four years, she has served as the Beauty Editor for EcoSalon while also writing for various television shows. At EcoSalon, Katherine and her sensitive skin have sampled, reviewed and written about hundreds of green beauty products, developing a keen sense for what works well and what doesn’t.

‘My interest in green beauty developed very much like most people’s – I had a sense that I wanted my products to be clean, but had no idea where to start. So my knowledge base has really grown from a hands-on experience – people would send me their products, I’d research their ingredients, try them, and recommend them from a practical standpoint. Performance is just as important to me as cleanliness – it might be safe to eat a product, but if it doesn’t work, it’s not for me.’

Having lived in Los Angeles and worked in the entertainment industry for the past 15 years, Katherine’s no stranger to the premium placed on look. ‘Surrounded by friends who thought nothing of Botoxing in their early 30’s, I felt like there had to be a better way to take care of your skin.’ For Katherine, it’s all about natural products based prevention & skincare instead of needles. . . or more drastic measures. ‘Being fair-skinned, I’ve lived in sunscreen for over a decade and react like a vampire if I discover myself outside without it. While there are some fantastic green makeup lines out there, it’s the skin & body brands that garner the lion’s share of my admiration. Beauty is skin deep – we’re only helping ourselves out by boosting it with good, green ingredients.’

Katherine is also a regular contributor to MNN and has written for NPR’s Pacific Swell, Grist, Coco Eco Magazine, Greenopolis and Greenopia. Her work has been featured on CNN and Forbes. Katherine also writes for the small screen, with credits including Disney Channel’s The Replacements and USA’s In Plain Sight.

You can find many of Katherine’s beauty reviews on EcoSalon at ecosalon.com/author/katherine-butler/.

Product #1: Benecos Creamy Eyeshadow Pencil in Lilac
Full-Size: 0.05 OZ, $10.99 USD
Size I Received: 0.05 OZ, $10.99 USD

The Card says: “Emphasizes the natural beauty of your eyes with harmonious, glorious colors. Its soft, creamy texture makes it a pleasure to apply. Perfect as an eye shadow or contour pencil. Fragrance-free, with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. How To Use: Smooth over upper lids, stopping at the crease, use over entire lid, or use near outside of brows or just along lash line to highlight and contrast, Apply with a light hand for a touch of sheer color, or layer to achieve greater coverage. Katherine says: ‘I’m not gifted with the greatest  makeup application skills, so this eyeshadow pencil is fantastic. It allows easy application in funky, cool colors. It has the BDIH certification – one of the top you can get – and is also cruelty free.’

First Impressions: I love shadow pencils and sticks, especially the NYX Jumbo Pencils, and I’m excited for this color. Apparently, some people got the color ‘Golden’ in their boxes, but I’m kinda glad I got Lilac instead. I have a lot of Golden colors for bases, and since I’ll probably use this shadow pencil as a base, it’s nice to receive a color that I don’t have multiples of.

Product #2: Budhi Sugar Scrub
Full-Size: 4 OZ, $28.00
Size I Received: 1 OZ, $7.00

The Card says: “Inspired by Buddha Nose’s most popular massage & wellness balm, the Bodhi Balm, Bodhi Sugar Scrub is made with the same unique blend of organic essential oils to quiet the mind while cleansing the face and body. How to Use: Scoop desired amount into hand and moisten with warm water until foamy. Scrub the face and body as the sugar melts & washes away. Preservative free, so keep excess water out of the jar to prolong freshness. Keep lid closed tightly. If scrub hardens, simply moisten with water before use. Katherine says: ‘A sugar scrub can be your best friend when you’re looking to wash a few years off your bod. This scrub from Buddha Nose offers up great, necessary hydration with a natural exfoliant.‘ ”

First Impressions: You guys know I LOVE sugar scrubs. I did use this already, and I was slightly disappointed because there was only enough for one full-body use, but it was pretty good for a sample size. I did like the scrub, and it was rough without being TOO rough. I would consider purchasing the full-size, but I do wanna try some more scrubs before I commit to a new one.

Product #3: Coola Face SPF 30 Matte Finish Cucumber 
Full-Size: 1.7 FL OZ, $36.00 USD
Size I Received: 0.169 FL OZ, $3.57 USD

The Card says: “Say hello to your new everyday sunblock. Ideal for all skin, especially oily or sensitive. Natural, mineral, matte formula provides broad-spectrum, SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection while hydrating & balancing skin with vitamins, antioxidants and repairing extracts that target early signs of aging. Refreshing, natural cucumber scent, 70% Certified Organic inactives, 95% Natural, preservative free, water resistant & no nano-particles. How to Use: Apply evenly over face in upward strokes. You’ll have SPF protection immediately after application. The American Cancer society recommends reapplication approximately every 2 hours while in direct sun, or after swimming/sweating. Katherine says: Coola Suncare’s Mineral Face Matte Finish SPF 30 is like the holy grail of sunscreen. It’s free of parabens, preservatives, and chemicals, and it is made with certified organic ingredients. And best of all? It goes on like air.’ ”

First Impressions: I have WAY TOO MUCH sunscreen, but I do like the cute little packaging. This will probably be enough for 1-2 applications on my face, only. But, I do like trying out new products (hence the sub services in the first place), so I’m sure that I will give this a try in the future, probably on a Sample Sunday post. I do like that it says that it has a matte finish, and I do like the SPF 30, so all in all, I’m pretty happy with this! :)

Product #4: EO Lemon Verbena Body Lotion 
Full-Size: 8 OZ, $8.99 USD
Size I Received: 1.5 OZ, $1.49 USD

The Card says: “A nourishing and protective moisturizer that applies easily and is quickly absorbed, leaving skin smooth and soft. Lemon Verbena Essential Oil reduces inflammation & tones skin; Oat Betaglucan moisturizes & promotes skin firmness; Rice Proteins diminish fine lines; Vitamin E improves elasticity, Mango Seed Butter and Olive Wax moisturize and protect, and Organic oils and botanicals condition, soften, harmonize and nourish. How to Use: Best applied following a bath or shower to seal in moisture Towel off lightly then apply while skin is lightly damp. Katherine says: ‘I’m a huge fan of EO Lemon Verbena Body Lotion. You can get hydrated without walking around feeling like you fell into a vat of olive oil.’ ”

First Impressions: I have plenty of body lotion, so this was my least favorite product from this box. I do enjoy trying out new body lotions, but I have enough body lotions to last me for about a year and a half at this point. And I’m not a huge fan of the lemon verbena scent, it’s one of my least favorites, but I will use this eventually.

Product #5: Shamanuti Seaweed Toner
Full-Size: 4 OZ, $28.00 USD
Size I Received: (travel size shown on website) 1 FL OZ, $10.00 USD

The Card says: “Skin loves this nutrient and mineral rich toner. It will nourish and hydrate the skin while removing any residual make-up or cleanser, delicately adjusting pH, while nourishing & refining pores. How to Use: Use after cleansing with Activated Charcoal Cleanser, applying generously with cotton swab over entire face, neck and chest. Katherine says: ‘To me, toner is the unsung hero of good skin. Offering up a great scent, it’s a great refining tool that restores the pH level of your skin. I use it just after I step out of the shower.’ ”

First Impressions: I use a toner everyday, and since it is taking me so long to get through my current toner (a Clinique one), I have built up quite a backstock of PR samples + samples from beauty subs, etc, so this will probably not get used for a while, but I am excited to try it because I LOVE toners and I love products featuring seaweed. I think they’re so cute. And these little glass bottles are SO adorable!

Product #6: Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser
Full-Size: 4 OZ, $28.00 USD
Size I Received: (travel size shown on website) 1 FL OZ, $10.00 USD

The Card says: “A unique cleanser that utilizes the properties of activated charcoal to neutralize acidity and absorb impurities as well as to gently exfoliate with maple extract. Beneficial for all skin types including sensitive or problem skin and is very eddective ass a treatment for reducing acne, rosacea, and eczema. How to Use: Use a nickel-size portion combined with a small amount of warm water and apply to damp face, using gentle, circular patterns to distribute evenly, cleanse whole face. Katherine says: ‘ This is one of the best cleansers I’ve found – it isn’t too heavy and leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed. Despite the Charcoal moniker, it offers up a really nice light, floral scent and is great on oily skin.’ ”

First Impressions: I love trying out different face washes, and this is also in such a cute little glass bottle. It does seem quite thick, and while I haven’t tried it yet, I just hope I can remember to mix with warm water when I use it:) I have already put this in the shower though, and I’m just trying to finish up my current face wash before I fall head over heels for this one:)

Product #7: Strawberry Hedgehog Handmade Soap
Full-Size:  5 OZ, $8.00 USD
Size I Received: (unknown, so I just called it:) 1-time use, $0.00 USD

The Card says: “Strawberry Hedgehog soaps are hand-crafted from natural plant based ingredients. 100% certified organic coconut oil, a bit of organic palm oil & pure veggie glycerin make the gentlest soaps that wash away smoothly, without residue or over-stripping your skin. Free of artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives – only essential oils, organic extracts, pure minerals, herbs or spices for naturally beautiful scent, color, and texture. How to Use: Use as a hand soap (makes the bathroom smell a-mazing) or as your everyday bath & shower soap for head to toe cleansing. Katherine says: ‘ Strawberry Hedgehog offers up handmade vegan soaps that are to die for. I especially love the Fresh Ginger Blood Orange soap.’ ”

First Impressions: I used to never use bar soaps or bath products like that. But, I’ve started to get more into LUSH products recently, and I signed up for the Fortune Cookie Soaps “The Soap Box”, which I’m really enjoying, so I decided to give this a shot. It does smell pretty good and the design and shape are pretty cute, so I think it’ll be worth giving it a shot.

Price I Paid for This Box: $16.00 USD
Value of This Box: $43.05 (USD), estimated

Products from My Favorite (1) to Least Favorite (7):
. Benecos Creamy Eyeshadow Pencil in Lilac
2. Shamanuti Seaweed Toner
3. Buddha Nose Bodhi Sugar Scrub
4. Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser
5. Coola Face SPF 30 Matte Finish Cucumber
6. Strawberry Hedgehog Handmade Soap
7. EO Lemon Verbena Body Lotion



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