Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat.

The Press Release says: “Lash Genius is a first of its kind and will instantly waterproof and protect your everyday mascara. Lash Genius will also help to promote healthy lash health by not making lashes brittle and easy to break or pull out like most waterproof mascaras tend to do. Lash Genius can be used on false eyelashes locking in applied mascara and creating a luxurious, refreshed, more natural look. Lash Genius will also help to hold the false lashes on and make them look more natural like real lashes. Lash Genius is available at Sephora and retails for $21.00 USD.”

The Website says: “Waterproof when you want it to be. Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat instantly waterproofs, refreshes, and protects any mascara all day, without the typical drying or clumping. It’s advanced, lightweight formula glides on smooth, dries quickly, and gives your lashes a touchably soft lacquer finish that lasts all day. Dermatologist-tested. Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Fragrance Free.”

First Impressions: I was super excited to try this out. A topcoat that can make any mascara waterproof?!?! Oh my goodness, talk about HOLY FREAKING GRAIL product!

Packaging: The packaging is fine, but it’s a bit boring – it just looks like a normal mascara tube. It came in a cute box, looking very professional + I store it with my mascaras in my collection.

Scent: It doesn’t have much of a scent.

Color/Pigmentation: This has no pigmentation, since it is a top coat. And it is completely clear. It didn’t change my mascara color or texture at all.

Staying Power: This stays on all day. Like seriously, Kylor accidentally hit me in the face with a soda can (long story. . .) the first day that I had put this on, and I started crying and my mascara stayed perfectly!  Plus, I have really bad allergies, especially in Spring/Summer, and whenever my eyes water when I wear this, it doesn’t run at all. I love this stuff!

Details On Mine: I received this for free to review (though that doesn’t alter my opinion or this review in any way). Mine is full-size. I would definitely repurchase this when I run out.

Price/Availability: This is available here and at Sephora for $21.00 USD.

You can see a video demonstration on how to use this product here.



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