Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills See and Be Seen LE Kit

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hill See and Be Seen LE Kit.

The Press Release says: “The recently released See and Be Seen kit is another exclusive peek at some new Anastasia Beverly Hills products! In the kit, you will find and enjoy:
* two new HydraFull Gloss colors in Heiress and Plastic. These limited edition colors were created specifically for the theme of “Make It Happen” and are not available anywhere else except in the See and Be Seen kit. Anastasia’s HydraFull Gloss contains lip tint to maintain longer lasting color while maximizing lip hydration and fullness.
* The new caramel tinted Brow Gel. Anastasia’s brow gel sets your perfect brow look with a hint of tint and is fortified with botanical hair conditioners and essential oils to keep brows feeling as great as they look.
* The soft pink and golden hues of the Illumin8 Shadow duo in On Set. Illumin8 Eye Shadow Duos are designed to illuminate, firm, and smooth the appearance of skin while also soothing, softening, and hydrating.”

Everything inside the box is wrapped up in this cute tissue paper!

And under that, everything was wrapped up in bubble wrap. . .

First Impressions: I really like all the products in this kit, and they are all full-size, so that’s an added bonus! I love the little LE kits that brands like these put out. I’m a really big fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills line, and this kit didn’t disappoint me.

Packaging: I think the eyeshadow duo is so cute, my only complaint is that (and you can probably tell just by looking at it), it attracts fingerprints like crazy. The lipgloss packaging is pretty good, kind of plain. Reminds me a bit of Mally lipglosses, but I’m not sure why. And the brow gel packaging reminds me of a regular mascara package, but I like it and I love how the color of the packaging matches the caramel color of the product.

Color/Pigmentation: Everything in this kit is SO pigmented. The lip glosses are great. They’re a bit sticky, but the color payoff is worth it, IMO. I really like the eyeshadows, because even for neutral shades they just kind of pop on my brown eyes. And the brow gel is slightly off for my shade, BUT I have found out ways to make it work for my eye brow shade.

Staying Power: The lipglosses last for about 4-5 hours each, including the slight tint on your lips after they come off. The eyeshadows last all day (tested with an eye primer), and the brow gel lasts all day, as far as I can tell.

Details On Mine: I did receive this for free to review (though that does not alter my opinion or this review in any way), and this is all full-size, the exact same thing you can buy on the website. I wouldn’t repurchase this kit again, but I do want to try out some more of their lipglosses and their eyeshadow duos! :)

Price/Availability: This is available here for $44.00 USD ($80.00 USD value).


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