Saturday Sparkle 06/23/2012

<p>love this. definately.</p>
<p>Amen!<br />


1. The new BB creams that American makeup companies are launching!

2.  The Sephora Pantone collection, everything is so cute and I love all the orange colors!

3.The new Covergirl + Olay rebate, which I will be using tomorrow! :)

4. Skype, to talk to my bestest friend everyday! :)

5.Toyota cars, cause they’re just better, IMO.

Currently. . . .

Reading: July 2012 Marie Claire + Cosmopolitan:)

Watching: The Secret Life of The American Teenager + Family Guy.

Eating: Arby’s! And delicious cake made my best friend and her mother-in-law. YUMMY!

Drinking: Mountain Dew + mixed drinks made by Kylor.

Wearing: My pajamas! Ducky shorts by Tilt and a white tank top.

Loathing: The fact that I can’t find the American BB creams anywhere:(

Linky Love:

Makeup Zombie talks about some new Evil Shades Hardcore lippies!

Bloomin’ Beauty is have a BLOG SALE and I want soooo much. . .

Noveau Cheap spotted some new products from Rimmel hanging out.

Cosmetic Proof reviewed a nail stamper, which I’m excited about because I just purchased my very own! (FYI, from a different brand).

Beauty Reflections shared what’s in her travel makeup bag for all of us snoopers around. . .

More for us snoopers,  Domestically Unemployed gave us a tour of her office.

And Treat Party shared some details from her birthday.



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