How I Use Serums & Argan Oils

I have a variety of body/face oils, serums & argan oils from various places & brands. Today, I’m going to show you how I use these.

First, all the droplets are different shapes + sizes, so some are easier to work with than others.

So, I use these in just about everything (depending on the actual oil I’m using): body lotion, face wash, body wash, moisturizers, etc.

I’m going to use a bottle of lotion for this demonstration. (you can also do this per use – in your hand or a mixing tray.

I pour some drops of oil in the lotion bottle. . .

You can see where it seperates.

Then you shake it up.

And then you can apply it like normal, with numerous added benefits! :)

Do you guys use any oils or argan oils?

DISCLAIMER: Some products were provided for review, some were purchased by me. This does not change anything I said in this post, all opinions are honest + my own.

2 thoughts on “How I Use Serums & Argan Oils

  1. that is such a good idea. I use the Argan oil just one tiny drop on my hands every other day or so cuz its so oily.. hence oil haha but this is a great idea why did I not think of this, I am going home to try this today!


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