Essie LuxeEffects Collection

think of my luxeffects as the cherry on top - essie

So, I know these have been out for a while, but I am obsessing over them for Summer. I think these are the most gorgeous glitter top-coats I have ever seen.

This collection includes 5 multi-dimensional top coats:

<b>a cut above</b><p>shattered pink diamond glitz

A Cut Above – shattered pink diamond glitz

<b>shine of the times</b><p>scintillating opalescence

Shine Of The Times – scintillating opalescence

<b>set in stones</b><p>disco mirror ball chaos

Set In Stones – disco mirror ball chaos

<b>pure pearlfection</b><p>decadent iridescence

Pure Pearlfection – scintillating opalescence

<b>as gold as it gets</b><p>gilded lamé sparkles

As Gold As It Gets – gilded lamé sparkles

I know a lot of you have some of these, so please share which ones:)
Find out more info here and keep an eye out for when I finally snag some! :)

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