Make-Up Collection Storage + Organization – May 2012

Hey, guys!

I decided to do an updated make-up collection storage + organization post since EVERYTHING has changed since the last one.

*NOTE: I labeled everything so you can guys can look at what you’d like easier without reading as much:)*

So, let’s begin!

This is my general set up in my room. There’s my make-up collection drawers, our two dressers + my vanity.

This is our second dresser, the one with the big cabinet on top instead of regular drawers. On top of this, I keep my perfumes.

This holds: my body sprays + mists, my perfume bottles, my rollerballs + mini perfumes , my perfume samples,

In the top shelf of the “dresser cabinet”, I have a filebox with press releases + product information, pots for de-potting, empty Birchboxes for future storage, products for swap, and a container for current empties of the month.

On the second shelf, I have my nail art brushes, my mani + pedi products, my polishes, my nail wheels, + my nail polish strips.

Take a closer look:

Next up is my vanity:

Underneath the desk area, I keep a bag full of packaging for reference + my yellow trash can! :)

On the right of my vanity, I keep my light-up make-up mirror + my lamp.

This is the left side of my vanity.

Some of my make-up brushes (the ones on my vanity),

My go-to eye + lip brushes.

Mainly GWP brushes that I don’t usually use.

I bought this stand @ Claire’s. On the top are some everyday products + on the bottom are my body oils + serums + my cocoa butter.

My Neutrogena body spray, dry oil body moisturizer, make-up remover, deodorant + toner.

The second tier has my body serums + oils + my cocoa butter.

A three drawer set from Target.

On top of the drawers, I keep a washcloth/rag, my Minerals Mates application + mixing tray, my brush roll (filled with brushes), my current hand cream, sunscreen + self tanner + my beautyblender.

Now, let’s look inside my 3-drawer set:

Drawer #1: Cosmetic wedges, precision tip Q-Tips, eyebrow shapers, tweezers, pencil sharpeners, Mineral Mates lids + false eyelashes.

Drawer #2: disposable eyeshadow brushes, mini GWP brushes, mini kabuki brushes, mini puff-pads, kabuki brushes, shadow shields + eyebrow shapers.

Drawer #3: Mainly a misc. drawer: bobby pins, brush guards, mini make-up mirrors, hand sanitizer holders, etc.

This is the main drawer in my vanity.

This is the inside of the main drawer – see the pictures below for more details about what’s inside! :)

This is a storage unit in the drawers: it houses some skin care minis, my daily skin care products, oil-blotters, make-up setting spray, anti-puff eyeroller, hand sanitizer, hair ties + headbands, biore nose strips + some of my cj’s butter products.

In the back is some skin cream, muscle massage balms + vaseline.

And then in the front of the drawer I have some Huggies for my swatches (for posts), some stuff for reviews + cotton pads.

These are the 3 drawers on the side of my vanity.

Drawer #1: This is my back-up drawer. It includes: make-up remover, misc. back-ups, sunscreen + self-tanners, hair ties, eye creams, toners + hand sanitizers.

Drawer #2: lotions + moisturizers

Drawer #3: stuff for future reviews, stuff for giveaways, back-up cotton rounds, cotton balls + q-tips.

This is the top of the other dresser. On top of here, I keep my jewelry box, some information and ideas for future articles + some extra illuminators (see below):

These are illuminators that wouldn’t fit in my regular collection, some E.L.F. ones + a BECCA Cosmetics one.

So, this is my make-up collection cart (and one of my dogs who was exploring at the time:) )

This is the top shelf where I keep my daily face brushes, extra foundation sponges, make-up primers, foundations, bb creams, + tinted moisturizers.

Drawer #1: concealers, face powders, bronzers, blushes, illuminators +back-up face powders.

Drawer #2: eye shadow primers, eyeliners, brow products, eyelash curlers

Drawer #3: eyeshadow pencils + various eyeshadows.

Drawer #4: More various eyeshadow products.

Drawer #5: Palettes

Drawer #6: mascaras, lip balms + chap sticks, lip liners, lip primers.

Drawer #7: lip glosses

Drawer #8: lipsticks, tinted lip balms, misc. lip products, color sticks

A closer look at the lip sticks. There are three layers.

Drawer #9: Sample drawer

Drawer #10: More samples:)

This is my bathroom counter. In the drawers I keep my hair appliances and my hair brushes.

The cabinets under the sink –

This one has back-up shampoos, conditioners, body wash, + face wash. Plus a container of eyeglass wipes, a container of feminine products + some wax products + an extra box of hair dye.

The cabinet on the right has body scrubs, face masks, soap, bath products, face cleanser, and hair products.

And the top shelf of the medicine cabinet has some extra mouthwash + floss, whitening stuff + razor blades + brush shampoos.

The other 3 shelves are hair products.

What do you guys think?
How do you guys store your collections?

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