Product Spotlight: Cameo Blushers

So, before I start this Product Spotlight, let me give you guys a little bit of a backstory. A while back, I ordered the Shany Carry All Trunk Professional 48 pc. Makeup Kit Gift Set from Now, the price showing on Amazon as of 05/04/2012 is $29.95 USD, and that is not what I paid. I bought it on an Amazon price cut for about $15.00 USD. Now, this was a total impulse buy and I had never heard of the Shany brand, and I just wanted to try it, which I now realize was a total mistake and a stupid purchase. The make-up included wasn’t even the “Shany” brand, it was a brand called “Cameo”, which I can’t find any information or reviews about online. So, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this. Look at E.L.F., I love pretty much every E.L.F. product I have tried, and it’s cheap. I like higher end products, too, but E.L.F. is one of the “cheap” brands that I just love trying their different products/colors and not have to spend a ton of money on, but Cameo is not one of those brands. . . .

This is the trio of Cameo Blushers that came in the makeup kit (linked above).

-There are no colors listen anywhere for what shades these blushers are in.

There is no description for these blushers on the website.

-Blusher #1

-Blusher #2

-Blusher #3

-From left to right: Blusher #1, Blusher #2, Blusher #3

-Blusher #1 up-close

-Blusher #1 swatch on finger

-Blusher #2 up-close

-Blusher #2 swatch on finger

-Blusher #3 up-close

-Blusher #3 swatch on finger

-swatches from left to right: Blusher #1, Blusher #2, Blusher #3

First Impressions: I was kind of upset that these didn’t have any shade colors listed anywhere, the packaging is cheap, BUT the colors are cute. My next question was, how good is the pigmentation?

Packaging: The packaging on these blushers is very cheap plastic. The blushers are dome-shaped, but when swatching one, the whole some shaped on blusher #1 collapsed. I was able to kind of brush it over, and it looks normal again, but still. That doesn’t make me feel really good about the quality of the blushers or the packaging.

Scent: These don’t have much of a scent.

Color/Pigmentation: The colors are all pretty much regular “candy-colored” pinks, bright and fake. They remind of the little blushes that used to come in the play make-up sets for little kids. Blusher #1 is pretty pigmented, but the other two take a few swipes to get a decent swatch.

Staying Power: Just. . . no. It’s not good.

Details On Mine: I pretty much gave you the background story on mine at the very beginning of this post + the price. These blushers are 0.11 OZ each, and no, to be honest, I wouldn’t repurchase any of these blushers.

Directions/How I Use It: There are no “directions” listed, and I use these the same way I use any other blush: apply it using a blush brush to the apples of my cheeks and blend from there until I get my desired blush look:)

Price/Availability: This is available here in a set, for $29.95 USD. I don’t think you can buy these by themselves or in different sizes.

Other Shades: I don’t know what these shades are, let alone any other shades this brand might make for these blushers.



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