Product Spotlight: Revlon PhotoReady Concealer in 001 fair

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

This is the Revlon PhotoReady Concealer in 001 fair.

The website says: “For a flawless, airbrushed appearance in any light. Oil-free and fragrance-free. All over face concealer helps erase imperfections and camouflage dark undereye circles. Full yet undetectable coverage. Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light. SPF 20.

The packaging says: “How To Use: Apply under eyes and over any imperfection or dark spots. Blend using fingertips in gentle patting motion. Apply prior to sun exposure.”

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

I say: I’m not a HUGE fan of this concealer, but I do like it. I don’t apply this with a brush (I know, I know. . .), and since I just apply it straight out of the package, mine is super messed up and smushed and gross. I wouldn’t go out and repurchase this because I don’t really think it’s a terrific product, but it is decent. It does has an SPF 20 though, which is nice.

I purchased mine forever ago and  I have no idea how much it cost. Mine is 0.11 OZ. I bought mine because I have a concealer obsession (I have so many, it’s ridiculous), and I bought the PhotoReady foundation and pressed powder, so I bought this to match, because I like having the full collections (or close to it) of products.

This is available here for $9.99 USD/0.11 OZ.

This is also available in:
fair, light, light medium, medium, medium deep, deep.



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