Saturday Sparkle 04/28/2012

5 Things I’m Currently Loving:

1. My new Minerals Mate Application and Mixing Tray, plus a giveaway of one that I’m about to be hosting on my blog in the next week or so! :)

2. My makeup collection! It’s getting HUGE and it’s so much fun to be able to write about and share my passion with all you guys! :)

3. The Rockport Shoe event that is being held in Scottsdale in March. I will be attending and doing a post about it, so look forward to that:)

4. Spending time with Kylor:) ’cause he works too much :(

5.  Kylor wanted me to add our new thermostat:) The apartment gave us a digital one to replace our old one and he’s super excited! :)


1. Reading: US  Weekly and Star magazine, Shape magazine and press releases;)

2. Watching: That 70’s show, One Tree Hill and movies like Weird Science and Edward Scissorhands.

3. Eating: Ice Cream! And brownies:) And chocolate:)

4. Drinking: Tons of Mountain Dew, and my new obsession Pepsi Next.

5. Wearing: Yale sweatpants from Forever 21 and old t-shirts.

6. Loathing:  People who don’t listen and then do whatever they want instead of what I tell them . . . does that sound bitchy? I still hate it. . .


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