Haul: April 2012 Eco-Emi

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This is the Eco-Emi for this month (April 2012).

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This was the information card that was included in this month’s box. I will include everything it said about each individual product when I talk about those products, but this was the introduction:

“Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy your April box! I love traveling and have always wanted to go to India. The beautiful architecture, animals, the gorgeous fabrics and patterns, bright colors, tropical flowers and warm cozy spices were the inspiration for a few of the products and the overall packaging for this box. I adore elephants and have included a leaflet (made from elephant pooh!) about Mr. Ellie Pooh which is an Eco-Fair Trade company making gifts and paper out of ELEPHANT POOH! Elephants in Sri Lanka are being killed at an alarming rate! Humans are depleting their habitat so when elephants come looking for food, they are shot and killed! But you can help, read your handout and visit www.meelliepooh.com to learn more!  Warmest, Christine” 

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So, the first product in this box I’m going to talk about is the handout made out of elephant poop.

This has the prettiest drawing of an elephant on the front, and here is what is says on the back:

“Sri Lanka is home to about a tenth of the estimated global total of 40,000 Asian elephants in the wild. Elephants are not being killed in Sri Lanka for their tusks, as tuskers are rare; they are not being killed for their meat, since no one eats elephant meat; they are not being killed for their hides, since there is no market for elephant hides in the leather industry. Instead, elephants are being killed simply because they interfere with agriculture. Since 1950, it is likely that more than 4,000 elephants have been destroyed as a direct consequence of the conflict between man and elephant.

The elephant is running out of space in Sri Lanka. Most of the protected areas inhabited by elephants are small, less that 1000 sq. km in size (900 sq. miles). Nevertheless, elephants, especially the bulls, may range over hundreds of square kilometers in the course of a season. Their sheer size and gargantuan appetite mean that elephants and people cannot live together where agriculture is the dominant form of land use, unless the damage they cause to farmers can be compensated. There are no easy solutions for resolving the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka. Much will depend on how rural people perceive the worth of the elephant. To stop the wanton killing of elephants requires changing the perceptions of the farmers who suffer constant depredations from the animals. Many are now convinced that the only way elephants and human beings can exist successfully in the same environment is through finding ways to use the elephant as a sustainable economic resource.

Elephant dung may be that resource. It is a commodity that is freely available. On average, an adult elephant products about 180-200 kg (500 lbs) of it per day. Moreover, it provides a way of converting a liability into an asset in conflict areas.

Until now, no one had any use for it. However, project Maximus, designed to manufacture paper from it, may help change the perception of the farmers of the economic value of the elephant in conflict areas.

Since an elephant’s diet is all vegetarian, the waste produced is basically raw cellulose. Thoroughly cleaned and processed, the cellulose is converted into a uniquely beautiful textured product, marketed as “Pachyderm Paper”. This acid free, linen-like papyrus-type paper can be formed into art and construction projects, notebooks, cards and assorted gift items where the only limitation is ones imagination. These products have proved extremely popular among many in the local population and among foreign tourists.

Although this paper may not completely resolve the ongoing human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka, its use for the benefit of the farmers who suffer from elephant depredations will certainly go some way in raising the tolerance of the farmers towards the elephant. If the elephant is used as an economic asset that contributes meaningfully to the welfare of the people, then the people themselves will not want to see it disappear from their area. In the final analysis, all of our conservation efforts will be futile is we do not have the support of the local communities. “Pachyderm Paper” can play an important role in the conservation of its provider.”

Wow., it’s a great, thought-provoking article (if that’s what you wanna call it?). It’s a beautiful picture on the front, and I think I shall hang it on my bulletin board:)

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The next product is the Baby Me Ultra-Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap by Alabu Skin Care (full size: 3.25 OZ/ $5.15 each)

The card says: “This is a fabulous vegetarian soap. Unlike most soap which strip your skin of its natural oils, this actually moisturizers your skin as you use it and contains NO artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers – ever! Great for all skin types, especially for anyone with extra dry or sensitive skin.”

There was also a little information pamphlet on the brand (Alabu Skin Care). Here’s a little recap of what it says: Why Alabu? Family-run and committed to superior customer service. Truly natural – we use no artificial preservatives, fillers, or colors. One no-mess application of our Shea Body Butter lasts for hours! Our Facial Moisturizer replenishes moisture to dry or aging skin. Our Baby Me Soap is specially formulated for sensitive skin. 4 out of 5 first time users become lifetime customers.”

There was a coupon code for the website on the back on the little packet of soap, which is a nice touch.
This wasn’t the full size, but it wasn’t too bad. I should get a week or two use out of this. Well, if you count Kylor using it too. :)
So, be on the look-out for a Product Spotlight on this soap!

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The next product is Lip Shimmer in Plum by Burts Bees (full size: 0.09 OZ / $5.00)

The card says: “Burts Bee’s Plum Lip Shimmer is the perfect choice when trying to create a simple laid back or sophisticated look without too much effort. Shea Butter and antioxidant-rich fruit oils moisturize, nourish and soften lips naturally and lovingly. Burts Bee’s lip shimmers are available in 12 shades including three fresh new colors: Cherry, Plum and Strawberry!”

I LOVE Burt’s Bees products, and I have a bunch of them. I like their lip products, I have a ton of them. I think I have one other lip shimmer, but it’s not a tinted product, it’s just a regular chapstick with a bit of shimmer in it. I do think it’s pretty cool that this is one of their new colors, and this is a full size product. It’s a really dark, deep purple color, and so far I like it, but keep an eye out for a Product Spotlight to hear my final thoughts! :)

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The next product is the Enchanting Chai Line Gourmet Enhancers ($7.00/0.25 OZ ; $16.00/1.5 OZ), Finishing Sugars ($6.00/2 OZ; $15.00 / 6.5 OZ) & Spiced Chocolates ($8.50 / 2.5 OZ) by Catalyst Gourmet.

The card says: “Catalyst Gourmet specializes in vegan, artisan, antioxidant-rich products that lend a delicious, healing and transformative experience to your favorite foods and beverages. This month’s box features a selection of their Enchanting Chai line. The Gourmet Enhancer will bring a captivating flavor and aroma to your drinks and meals without the need of sugar. For a sweet treat, the Finishing Sugar is a divine combination of the Gourmet Enhancer and all natural, raw sugar. Finally, satisfy your chocolate craving with their antioxidant rich Gourmet Spiced Chocolate. Catalyst Gourmet makes healthy living fabulous! [plus a coupon code!]”

There was also a little postcard about the company with another coupon code and just various information from the company, etc.

So, I’m going to go over the three products I received by this company individually. They are all packaged in little baggies, and each baggy has a sticker on it, so I’m going to tell you what is written on each sticker.

First, there is the Enchanting Chai Bites of Bliss Spiced Chocolate Bark. The sticker says: “Crave healthy. Satisfy your chocolate desires with our 8 spice antioxidant-rich artisan chocolate. Close your eyes & meditate with each bite: ‘Bliss. Fusion of Mind, Body & Soul.‘ You’ll love the beautiful harmony of flavors. Pair with Assam or Black Teas or Red Wines (Shiraz, Merlot & Dessert Wine). Ingredients: 52% Cacao Dark Chocolate, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Ginger, Fennel, Black Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg & Sunflower Seeds. Vegan. Gluten-Free.”

Next, there is the Enchanting Chai Gourmet Finishing Sugar. The sticker says: “Indulge healthy. Aromatic, captivating & deliciously unique artisan spiced sugars. Sprinkle on fruits, baked goods, breakfast or beverages. Try “Chai” Sweet Tea or Herbal Water: Mix 1 tbs of our Finishing Sugar + 1 cup of Hot Green Tea or Water. Serve Iced = divine hydration! Ingredients: 100% Natural Turbinado Sugar, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Ginger, Fennel, Black Pepper, Clove & Nutmeg. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Antioxidants.”

And lastly, there is the Enchanting Chai Catalyst Gourmet Enhancer. The sticker says: “Sprinkly to enjoy in Water, Coffee, Tea, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Fruits or Meals. Ingredients: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Ginger, Fennel, Black Pepper, Clove & Nutmeg. Vegan. Gluten-Free. No Sugar. No Salt.”

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This is the Natural Toothpaste by Dr Collins (4.2 OZ/$6.75)

The card says: “Dr. Collins Natural Vegan & Gluten Free Toothpaste features the finest ingredients found in nature with a delicious Vanilla Mint & Goji Berry flavor. Superfruits, Antioxidants, and Vitamins support optimal oral health while Tea Tree Oil and Magnolia Bark work as natural antiseptics that fight bacteria and freshen breath. No preservatives, artificial ingredients, fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate.”

There was also a little information postcard and it had information on the toothpaste and a lip balm, so I’m guessing that some people got the lipbalm in their boxes, but I will tell you what the postcard said about the toothpaste: ” Superfruits, Antioxidants, and Vitamins to support optimal oral health. CoQ10 and Aloe Vera promote gum health and soothes irritated gums. Tea Tree Oil and Magnolia Bark: natural antiseptics that fight bacteria and freshen breath. 25% concentration of Xylitol sweetener helps prevent plaque and contains 1/3 fewer calories than most toothpaste sugars. Gently polishes and naturally whitens teeth without harsh bleaching agents. No preservatives, No artificial ingredients, No sodium lauryl sulfate, No flouride.”

I seem to have been receiving a bunch of travel size toothpastes through various resources, and since this the newest one, it’s probably gonna be the last one I use (until I get more, that is :), but keep an eye out for some kind of post on it.

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This is the Seaweed Body Wash in Eucalyptus and Peppermint by The Seaweed Bath Company (12 FL OZ /$16.89)

The card says: “Natural Seaweed Body Wash with Eucalyptus and Peppermint combines the naturally nourishing properties of seaweed along with all-natural ingredients, including Kukui which is a potent natural moisturizer and Neem Oil which is known in India to be rich in emollients that help to protect and moisturize your skin. Great for anyone, especially sufferers of dry, red, scaling, flaking or rough skin.”

This looks interesting, but I have a TON of body wash, so I’m not too terribly excited. But, keep an eye out for a Sample Sunday post in the future:)

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This next product is Bronzer in Golden by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques (4 gram jar / $12.00)

The card says: “This is the time of year I search for a bronzer to help me achieve a beautiful sun kissed glow and Lauren’s golden bronzer is a must in my makeup bag. I love that it is light and airy and does not turn orange or feel too heavy. This color works great for creating sun kissed looks on pale skin, a warm glow for natural skin tones and a beautiful highlight for dark skin.”

This also came with a Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques business card and a coupon code. I’m not too sure I like the packaging on this bronzer, but I love trying out new bronzers, so I think I can look past that. Keep an eye out for a future Product Spotlight on this:)

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This next product is the Whipped Shea Butter with Kalahari Melon Seed Oil by Shea Radiance (5 OZ/$34.00)

The card says: “I am addicted to body butters and I especially love whipped body butters! The whipped butters have a very light and fluffy consistency and Shea Radiance has created a magical recipe containing melon seed oils which quickly absorb into the skin. Rich and easily spreadable, but not at all greasy or heavy. The scent is an amazing blend of essential oils and cozy Indian spices like anise, clove, cardamom, vanilla and black pepper. Meant to give a warm and sweet comforting smell.”

This came with a little information postcard as well. It had some company information, a coupon code and some information about various products on it, so once again, I’m assuming that they put different products in different peoples boxes. I’m not going to write what it said about the whipped shea butter, because it basically said the same thing the main card did.

This looked okay, but I think mine was kind of melted since it sat in heat all day (since I live in AZ and it was over 100 degrees today!), but I think once it cools down, it will go back to the consistency it was meant to be, but keep an eye out for a future post:)

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This is Tropical Lime Tea by Mate Factor Tea (20 large tea bags / $5.99)

The card says: “Tropical Lime Yerba Mate Tea Bags contains 100% organic ingredients including sun dried lime, hibiscus flowers and green yerba mate. Each bag is DOUBLE the size of most tea-bags and is naturally high in Vitamin C resulting in a fruity Tropical blend that is not only refreshing hot or cold, but is an amazing booster to your body’s defense system.”

There was a little business shaped card that has a couple little bullet points of information on the company/product and a coupon code.

I actually don’t like tea and my one complaint is that they always seem to include tea bags in it. Kylor likes tea though, so he’s stuck with this one:)

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The last product listed on the card was the Organic Raw Fair Trade Honey by Wholesome Sweeteners (1 pack, 16 OZ / $7.99)

The card says: “A thick, creamy honey with a warm butterscotch essence. Blended from multifloral nectar collected on Fair Trade Certified cooperatives. This yummy honey is never heated and pairs perfectly on warm biscuits, in salad dressings, with yogurt or hard cheeses.”

This came with a little booklet of information and a bunch of recipes, and I thought that was a nice little touch. I haven’t tried this yet, cause honey kinda freaks me out (long story). But, hopefully it’ll be good.

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This is all of the misc. information and pamphlets that they included in this box. There was also one extra one for Ellbee’s Fresh Garlic Seasonings & Rubs that had a coupon code and the main card said that the company would be featured in an upcoming box :)

Overall, I liked this month’s box, but I always like Eco-Emi’s boxes:)


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