Saturday Sparkle 04/21/2012

5 things I’m currently loving:

1. When Kylor has a couple of days off to spend with me and he makes me dinner while making sarcastic comments in the kitchen:)

2.  Daiquiris!

3. The 2012 Sephora Sun Safety Kit that I just got in the mail! :)

4. My new day planner to keep track of all of my upcoming blogging adventures:)

5. Using up some of my old products so that I can start using some of my newbies:)


1. Reading: The current issue of Seventeen magazine, press releases for new products:)

2. Watching: We just finished Charmed! We started watching Friday Night Lights, but stopped after a couple of episodes. Then we started watching some vampire movies (i.e. The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire). We watched Scary Movie today and we are about to watch the Queen of The Damned.

3. Eating: Dinner that Kylor made and some yummy sandwiches that I threw together. Some Margarita pizza (my newest pizza), and of course, tons of takeout pizza;)

4. Drinking:  Daiquiris, tons of Mountain Dew.

5. Wearing: a gray v-neck and a pair of Cookie Monster with hearts pajama pants that Kylor bought me for Valentine’s day:)

6. Loathing: That my mom went to England today. No one to talk to randomly when I get bored and Kylor is at work now:(



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