Question Of The Week 04/12/2012

The question of the week is:

Do you sign up for free beauty samples, or do you think they are a waste of time? + Do you want me to keep posting them or are they annoying?

My answer:  I sign up for them because they’re a fun surprise to get in the mail instead of just bills and boring stuff. Plus, it lets me try things I normally wouldn’t get to try. And I like posting them, but I don’t want you guys to get annoyed by all the e-mails and posts. I just started cause I figured you guys might like to get some samples :)

So what do you guys think?

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7 thoughts on “Question Of The Week 04/12/2012

  1. I like getting them. I like that you post them. I don’t sign up for every single thing but I like that you give me a heads up and then I can decide if I want to get it or not. If people don’t like it maybe you can just consolidate the posts? Do like one post with a bunch of different ones? Personally I am happy with the way you are doing it.

    • I could consolidate. I just find out about different ones at random times, so it’s a bit hard to, but if that’s what the majority of you guys want, I could do it! :) Thanks for liking how I do it though:)

  2. I love signing up for samples and freebies. I have become a super fan of some products after receiving a sample so it’s definitely worth it for companies. Keep posting them! :)


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