Event & First Impressions: Kaplan M.D. Launch Event @ Bergdorf Goodman 03/22/2012

Sorry for the bad pictures, guys. Kylor borrowed my lighting for a project he’s doing with our dressers. Hopefully, I’ll get it back soon:)

So, Kaplan M.D. recently (on March 22, 2012) had a launch party and, while I didn’t go, I didn’t get some products to share with you guys, plus information about the event. So, here we go:

This is Kaplan M.D.’s new line. Find out more info here. (all stock photos from kaplanmd.com)

This is described as a “luxury skincare line developed by dermatologist Stuart Kaplan, M.D.”

WHO: Stuart Kaplan, M.D. celebrated the launch of his luxury skincare brand, Kaplan MD, at Bergdorf Goodman with guests such as Tinsley Mortimer, Hannah Bronfman, Peter Davis and Lara Meiland Shaw.

WHAT: Kaplan MD announced their retail presence at Bergdorf Goodman with an evening of cocktails and beauty at famed BG Restaurant on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Guests such as Tinsley Mortimer, Hannah Bronfman, Peter Davis, and Lara Meiland Shaw, helped celebrate with the developer of the line, Stuart Kaplan, MD.

Kaplan M.D. is a powerful, all-in-one skincare line that prevents and treats all three types of skin aging in one concise, unisex product line suitable for any age or skin type and was created by Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr. Stuart Kaplan, M.D. The producs in this debut collection include: Purifying Foam Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate, Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate, Night Replenishment Concentrate, Intensive Eye Concentrate, Cell Renewing Microfoliant, Firming Mask, Hydrating Essence, and Lip 20 Balm. The line also includes a gorgeous First Class Traveler Set and Lip 20 Treatment Collection. Kaplan M.D. is available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Neiman Marcus locations.

WHEN: Thursday, March 22, 2012. 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

WHERE: Bergdorf Goodman (BG Restaurant, Seventh Floor) in NYC.

Sharing from my camera

This is what they sent me to review: Kaplan M.D. Clarifying Toner, Kaplan M.D. Firming Mask, Kaplan M.D. Intensive Eye Concentrate, Kaplan M.D. Cell Renewing Micro-Foliant, Kaplan M.D. Lip 20 Gloss Moisture Therapy + SPF in peach sparkle, Kaplan M.D. Lip 20 Moisture Therapy + SPF in clear treatment, Kaplan M.D. Lip 20 Moisture Therapy + SPF in sheer berry shine.

Here’s some more information on the line from the press release, for anyone who is interested:

” Stuart H. Kaplan, M.D. is a world renowned clinical and cosmetic Dermatologist. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA Medical Center with a private practice in Beverly Hills for over 25 years. His expertise has made him a Skincare Authority for celebrities, models, and beauty icons from all over the world. 

Dr. Kaplan’s philosophy is simple – with integrity comes ingenuity. Inspired by the needs of his patients, and his pioneering research on the 3 causes of skin aging, Dr. Kaplan created KAPLAN MD Skincare. A technological breakthrough, these patented proven formulas prolong your skin cells’ life cycle, and renew your skin’s youthful radiance, regardless of age. The result is healthy, radiant, beautiful skin – for life. 

Kaplan MD is the first and only skincare collection to address all 3 causes of skin aging:
* Environmental Damage
* Natural Hormonal Progression

KAPLAN MD contains the highest quality, patented ingredients created with Nobel Prize winning DNA Technology to actually slow the aging of your skin cells. These unique formulas provide the most comprehensive anti-aging benefits in a concise, synergistic skincare regimen. “

This new launch is broken down into 4 collections: the Luxury Concentrate Collection, the Cleansing Collection, the Specialty Treatment Collection, the Lip 20 Treatment Collection.

Let’s start with the Luxury Concentrate Collection.

An exclusive collection of medically advanced concentrates combining the power of plant stem cells, certified organic extracts and Nobel Prize winning DNA Technology. Each product in the collection contains: 22 USDA Certified Organic Extracts for superior skin healing and hydration. BioFusion-3S, a complex of 3 plant stems cells obtained from the Alp Rose, Gamay Grape and Swiss Apple. This unique combination helps regenerate new collagen, protects against UV-stress, and increases cellular vitality for healthy, radiant skin. Juvinity, a newly patented ingredient using Nobel Prize winning research to delay the aging of skin cells. Forces existing skin cells to act as young cells to redefine texture and maintain vibrant, young skin. Matrixyl Synth’6, the next generation of a patented peptide clinically proven to boost all 6 elements of collagen synthesis to visibly plump and smooth wrinkles from within the skin.”

There are four products in this collection: the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate, Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate, Night Replenishment Concentrate, and Intensive Eye Concentrate.

I was sent the Intensive Eye Concentrate ($135.00) :

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

It claims to “instantly lifts, firms and tightens the delicate skin around the eyes. Reduces puffiness and brightens dark circles.

Key Ingredients: 22 USDA Certified Organic Extracts, BioFusion-3S, Juvinity, Matixyl Synth’6, Soy, Hyasomes, Glycosaminoglycans, Algisium C, Haloxyl, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, and Hawaiian Sea Extracts.

Other products from this collection:

kaplan MD Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate     kaplan MD Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate     kaplan MD Night Replenishment Concentrate

From left to right: Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate ($295.00 USD), Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate ($185.00 USD), Night Replenishment Concentrate ($225.00 USD)

Next, let’s move on to the Cleansing Collection:

The most important first step in a skincare regimen is proper cleansing and toning.

If you have dry, oily or combination skin, it is important to remove the daily build up left behind by make-up, pollutants and dead skin cells.

Minimal foaming and milky cleansers are the most effective way to cleanse skin because they gently, yet effectively, remove impurities without ever stripping your skin’s natural oils.

After cleansing, always follow with a toner. Toning is a critical step in preparing your skin to effectively receive all the nutrients from your treatment products. Depending on the toner you select, they work to refine the skin’s texture, left away any residual impurities and tighten pores. Avoid toners with alcohol as they will unnecessarily dry and irritate the skin.

Proper cleansing and toning of the skin leaves your face clean, pH-balanced and receptive to the next step of your skincare regimen.”

There are four products in this collection: Purifying Foam Cleanser, Hydrating Milky Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, and Hydrating Toner.

I was sent the Clarifying Toner ($50.00 USD) :

Sharing from my camera      Sharing from my camera

“Infused with soothing botanicals to tighten pores and refine skin texture. Balances skin moisture and finishes makeup for a youthful, dewy glow.”

Key Ingredients: 22 USDA Certified Organic Extracts, BioFusion-3S, Hyaluronic Acid, Eucalyptus Extract, Rosewater.

Other products from this collection:

kaplan MD Purifying Foam Cleanser     kaplan MD Hydrating Essence

From left to right: Purifying Foam Cleanser ($50.00), Hydrating Milky Cleanser ($175.00), Hydrating Toner ($?.??) (no picture).

Next up, the Specialty Treatment Collection.

“Each product in this collection is specially formulated to give your skin an added boost for optimal skin renewal and repair.

Kaplan MD specialty treatment products work in synergy to:
* rejuvenate complexion
* maximize skin hydration
* increase firmness
* improve elasticity
* minimize hyper-pigmentation
* smooth fine lines and wrinkles”

There are three products in this collection: Hydrating Essence, Firming Mask and Cell Renewing Microfoliant.

I was sent the Firming Mask ($75.00) and the Cell Renewing Microfoliant ($75.00):

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

Firming Mask: “Tightens pores, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles after just one use. Patented skin brightening complex fades away spots and discoloration to reveal a more luminous youthful complexion.”

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

Cell Renewing MicroFoliant: “Advanced skin polish that gently clarifies, nourishes and renews skin to create a radiant glow. Combining the dual power of fruit enzymes with jojoba beads, oatmeal and date seeds for a gentle, effective exfoliation.”

Other products in this collection:
kaplan MD Hydrating Essence

Hydrating Essence ($175.00)

The last collection is the Lip 20 Treatment Collection.

LIP 20: Moisture Therapy + SPF 20, LIP 20 GLOSS: Moisture Therapy + SPF  20, and LIP 20 BALM: Ultra Hydratying Treatment + SPF 20.

They all provide SPF 20 sun protection, while hydrating and repairing the delicate skin of the lips with patented peptides and 22 USDA certified organic extracts.

These revolutionary formulas are the first complete anti-aging treatments for the lips that:
* moisturize
* protect
* repair
* add natural fullness

Results are immediate , cumulative, and long lasting.”

The products available in this collection: Lip 20, Lip 20 Gloss, and Lip 20 Balm. The Lip 20 and Lip 20 Gloss are available in 8 shades: clear, nude, natural, peach, berry, ruby, velvet wine, and blackberry.

More Specific Shade Information: Lip 20 Gloss is available in: natural sparkle, berry sparkle, blackberry sparkle, wine sparkle, peach sparkle, ruby sparkle, nude sparkle, and clear sparkle. Lip 20 is available in: natural, berry, blackberry, wine, peach, ruby, nude and clear.

I was sent the Lip 20 Gloss in peach sparkle ($30.00), the Lip 20 in clear ($30.00), and the Lip 20 in berry shine ($30.00).

Sharing from my camera      Sharing from my camera

– in peach sparkle

Sharing from my camera

-swatch on lips

“The first complete anti-aging lip treatment that moisturizes, repairs, enhances natural fullness and protects with SPF 20 – all in one!”

Sharing from my camera      Sharing from my camera

Lip 20 in clear.

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

Lip 20 in berry shine.

There are other colors for these products available, plus one more product from this collection: the Lip 20 Balm ($35.00)

kaplan MD LIP 20 Ultra Hydrating Balm


So all in all, I really like all of these products. The packaging is a bit too boring in my opinion, but the Lip 20 packaging is so cute and unique. I would definitely think about picking these up. They are pretty pricey, but totally worth it, in my opinion.

What do you guys think?


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