Saturday Sparkle 04/07/2012

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5 Things I’m Currently Loving:

1. The ABC Family T.V. show Greek. I’m trying to watch the whole series on Netflix right now. Yay! :)

2. Dream Dinners – I went with my mom on Thursday and we made some yummy dinners for her and her husband and me and mine;)

3. Being nominated for a blog award! (Read more about that on Tuesday!)

4. DIY Projects – Kylor and I are re-doing some new dressers and a vanity. We’re sanding them down and staining them a really dark brown-woody color. We’re gonna set them up to be two dressers for the room and a vanity with a mirror for me to use as a new makeup station:)

5.  Mountain Dew! Fry’s Food (where Kylor and I grocery shop) was having a sale on Pepsi products – 4/$7.88, so we bought 8 12-packs. Gotta love a good sale:)

My Currently’s:

* reading: Does US Weekly magazine count? I’m also reading the new issue of Shape:)

* watching: Kylor and I are still trying to make our way through the Charmed series, I think we’re almost done with it though. Time to find a new series:) And when Kylor is at work, I’m watching the series of Greek.

* eating: Cheese Lover’s Manicotti from Dream Dinners and lots and lots of Pizza! Plus some Club crackers with The Laughing Cow cheese wedges in various flavors.

* drinking: Pepsi products! And Kylor is drinking lots of Long Island Ice Tea.

* wearing: A bathing suit! – It’s finally warm enough for one! Today is a Billabong t-shirt and a pair of shorts from Forever 21. My normal Saturday wear:)

* loathing: People who assume things. . . .sigh.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Sparkle 04/07/2012

  1. Love this one <3 I miss you so much girl!! We really need to hangout sometime, I miss hearing about your intense life :)


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