Updated Make-Up Storage & Organization – April 2012

Hey, guys! So, since my last make-up storage and organization post, I have changed the layout SO many times. I finally got it to where I think it’s perfect, so I figured I would update ya’ll. Unless I post otherwise, this is how it will remain.

Sharing from my camera

I’m still using my handy-dandy drawer set that Kylor bought me for Christmas. I did change what was on top though.

Sharing from my camera

Now, I have a mini drawer set on top and a bag of little empty pots from Ebay that I use to depot eyeshadows and the like when I need to. The brushes that used to be up here are now on my bathroom counter.

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

In the first drawer (far left), I have extra brushes, some false eyelashes, tweezers, eyebrow shapers and pencil sharpeners. Basically any “tool”-like products.

In the second drawer (the middle), I have a compartment of disposable eyeshadow applicators, a compartment of mini kabuki brushes and various mini brushes that came with makeup pieces or were GWP’s, I have some empty Stila eyeshadow pots, a box of Shadow Shields, and some oil blotters.

In the third drawer (far right), I have my Sephora eye mask, my Brush Guards, some bobby pins and extra pump tops and other various things like that. It’s basically just a big misc. drawer for everything I don’t use too often.

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The top drawer of my set now houses face primers and foundations. On the far left I have my face primers and my foundation sponge, in the bin the middle is all of my foundations that I’ve opened or used before that I’m trying to use up, and to the right of the bin is all of my new foundations that I haven’t tried/opened yet.

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In the second drawer of my set, I have my other face products. On the far left (in a Birchbox box), I have all of my concealers, my concealer palettes, my highlighters, etc. Beneath that I have the eye brightener that I’m currently using and my illuminators. To the right of that, I have all of my face powders and setting powders. To the far right, top corner I have a little basket filled with all of my bronzers. Below that is another little basket with all of my blushes. And there is an E.L.F. bronzer/blusher duo right beneath that, but it’s kind of hard to see.

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In my third drawer, I have my eye products, eyebrow products and multi-use products. I have a little basket of eyeshadow primers on the far left. Underneath that, I have two eyelash curlers and a little compartment with my E.L.F. eyebrow kit. To the right of that (at the top) is my eyeliners, gel liners, glitter liners and liquid liners. And below that is a compartment of multi-use products. I have some shimmers, some misc. brow products and some all-over color sticks.

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In my fourth drawer, I have most of my eyeshadow singles. I have a wide variety and they’re all kind of spread out. There are some trios and quads here. I was just trying to make everything fit nicely and in a semi-organized fashion.

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In my fifth drawer, I have the rest of my eyeshadow singles, the Becca Anniversary palettes and other various palettes.

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The sixth drawer is also filled with various palettes.

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In the seventh drawer, I have mascaras and some lip products. To the far left (in a Birchbox box), I have my mascaras. Below that are my EOS Smooth Spheres. In the little basket at the top (in the middle) are my lip liners. To the right of that are my chapsticks And below all of that are various other lip product/chap-stick type items.

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In my eight drawer, I have lip glosses. To the far left, is lip pencils, lip tints, etc. And below that are my 3 Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balms. In the basket in the middle (?) are my lip glosses that come in the regular lip gloss w/ applicator tubes. Beneath that is a small lip gloss palette. In the basket to the far right are my lip gloss tubes.

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In my ninth drawer, I have mini lipglosses and GWP lip glosses in a small compartment on the far left. In the middle are my tinted lip products and in the compartment on the far right are my lipsticks.

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I keep the tenth drawer for whatever I need it for at any given time, and right now it is packaging for products I plan to review in the future.

How do you guys organize your make-up?



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