Belated Sample Sunday: Foundation Sample Swatches and First Impressions

So, I forgot that yesterday was Sunday and instead of posting the normal Sample Sunday, I posted an Eco Emi unboxing haul for March. So, I figured instead of doing a regular Sample Sunday post, since it’s Monday, I would just post about my various foundation samples I’ve accumulated through various sources.

Sharing from my camera

So this is the small-ish pile of foundation samples I have. I’m going to show you each sample, swatch it, give some information about it and tell you where I got it and what my first impressions are. Part of why I’m doing this is because most of these aren’t in my shade, so keep that in mind when viewing the swatches.

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

The first sample is  Stila One Step Makeup in dark (0.02 FL OZ)

I got this as one of my 3 free samples from an online order @ Sephora. I’m really pale and I generally wear the lightest shade of foundation possible. When I ordered this, I didn’t realize that it was in the shade dark, and had I realized it, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this one, but it’s good for this post, I guess.

I haven’t tried any Stila foundations before, and I’m not sure I would. I like using face primer and I like all of the other face products I use and this one is supposed to replace that and be a “one-step” product. Because of this, it’s really thick and heavy. Like, I didn’t even wanna rub it into my hand. Obviously, I’ll buy this at some point in my shade, but I’m not too sure of it based on the sample.

The full size bottle of this retails for $44.00 USD, but it on sale @ the Stila website for $14.00 USD. It’s available in the shades: fair, medium, dark, tan, warm and deep.

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

The next sample foundation is the Per-Fekt Skin Perfection Gel in radiant (0.02 FL OZ).

I also got this one from an online Sephora order, but it was my mom’s order and she offered to give me one of her samples. I couldn’t see the samples since she was the one placing the order, and once again this is not in my shade.

This was also the first Per-Fekt product I had tried, but I do have a sample of the Per-Fekt Cheek Perfection Gel in blushed. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s there:) I thought this foundation was also very thick and heavy, and I think this is none of those “one-step” foundations too, but I’m not totally sure.

The full-size bottle of this retails for $57.50 (1 FL OZ) on the Per-Fekt website. The Skin Perfection Gel is available in shades: translucent, luminous, radiant, rich, and decadent.

Sharing from my camera

The next three foundations are Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in beige, natural and sand (0.05 FL OZ, each)

I got these as a GWP for purchasing something on Sephora (but I can’t remember what), this was one of the things you could choose with a “code” that they give you @ checkout. I chose this because the other option was a trio of samples of the Clinique 3-step program and I had gotten those samples with my last order, so I chose these because I figured @ least one of them would have to be in my shade, and I could finally try out a Bobbi Brown foundation.

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera      Sharing from my camera

From left to right: beige, natural, sand.

I did like this foundation, it was a bit runny, but if you actually used a brush or something to apply it with and didn’t just have it pouring out of a sample sachet, I think it would be a great foundation.

The full-size version of this retails for $46.00 USD (1 FL OZ) on the Bobbi Brown website. It is available in the shades: 00 alabaster, 0 porcelain, 2 sand, 2.5 warm sand, 1 warm ivory, 3 beige, 3.25 cool beige, 3.5 warm beige, 4 natural, 4.25 natural tan, 4.5 warm natural, 5 honey, 5.5 warm honey, 6 golden, 6.5 warm almond, and 7 almond.

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

The next sample is one I have many of, the L’Oreal Paris MagicSmooth Souffle (1-time use). I honestly have no idea what shade these are in, but they are all in the same shade. I got these @ my local Walgreen’s a while back.

I haven’t tried any of the other L’Oreal Paris souffle products, but I have tried one of the Maybelline New York souffle blushes. I really like the souffle face products and this is no exception, I really like this as a foundation and I am definitely gonna buy a full-size of this.

This retails for $15.95 here. It is available in the shades: light ivory, classic ivory, natural ivory, nude beige, natural buff, creamy natural, natural beige, buff beige, sand beige, tan beige, sun beige, and classic tan.

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

The next sample is Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15.

I got this in a magazine pull-out, hence why it’s shaped so weird. I’ve used other Clinique products, but never their foundation. I do like this and it blends nicely, even though I hardly blended it.  I’m not sure what shade my sample is in, but I really want to try out a full-sized bottle of this now.

This retails for $26.00 on the Clinique website. It is available in the shades: calming alabaster, calming honey, calming vanilla, calming fair, calming neutral, and calming ivory.

Sharing from my camera      Sharing from my camera

The next sample is a Fusion Beauty Prime Results Tinted Moisturizer +SPF 15 and Sunscreen (0.03 FL OZ).

I got this as one of my 3 free samples from an order @ Sephora online. I like this and I have tried other Fusion Beauty products. I’ve liked all of them, and while they are expensive products, they’re very good quality. So, I think I will for sure have to try this foundation in my shade:)

It retails for $40.00 for a 1.7 FL OZ bottle here. It is available in the shades: caramel, golden beige, ivory and sand.

Sharing from my camera     Sharing from my camera

Next are the Mary Kay Medium-Coverage Foundations. I have samples of these in 3 different shades from a purchase I made of Mary Kay samples on EBay a while back. I have it in 104 ivory, 302 beige and 400 beige. In the picture above is 104 ivory.

Sharing from my camera      Sharing from my camera

This is 302 beige and 400 beige.

I liked this a lot more than a thought I would. The formula is nice, there is no weird scent and it blends well (I blended one of the swatches after I took a picture). I think I might actually have to try this as it was pleasantly surprising.

It retails for $15.00 here. It is available in the shades: 100 ivory, 104 ivory, 105 ivory, 200 ivory, 202 ivory, 204 ivory, 300 beige, 302 beige, 304 beige, 305 beige, 400 beige, 402 beige, 404 beige, 500 bronze, 504 bronze, 507 bronze, 600 bronze, 607 bronze, 708 bronze, 808 bronze.

Sharing from my camera    Sharing from my camera      Sharing from my camera

The last samples of today are the Covergirl NatureLuxe Liquid Silk Foundation in 320 aspen and 340 maple.

I got these samples as part of a promo Covergirl had going when they first launched the NatureLuxe collection. I had two of both of the shades mentioned above, and I used all of it today. I have previously tried this foundation. I had a full-size (1 FL OZ) bottle of  310 flax that I received from BzzAgent and their NatureLuxe campaign. I used up my entire bottle of 310 flax and it was one of my most favorite foundations I’ve ever used.

It retails for around $13.00 USD and is available in these shades: 305 alabaster, 310 flax, 315 bamboo, 320 aspen, 325 sandstone, 330 chamois, 335 dune, 340 maple, 345 honeywood, 350 oak, 355 suede, 360 nutmeg, 365 chestnut, 370 brazilnut.

You can find more information and reviews about it here.

What foundation are you guys loving right now?




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