Closet Tour 2012

So, since I’m doing the “Shop My Closet” series, and I showed you guys how I stored and organized all my beauty stuff, I figured I would do the same with my closet since this isn’t just a “beauty” blog, it’s a fashion blog too. I have many passions;)

2012-03-12 16.03.53

This is the door to our closet. If you look closely, you can see the sink on the right side of the door? That’s our vanity counter.
The door to our closet has a full-length mirror that we purchased @ Walmart and an old wrestling medal from Kylor’s years @ high school.

2012-03-12 16.04.03

When you first open the closet door, this is what you see. Shall we take a look inside?

2012-03-12 16.04.20

On the inside of our closet door is two white hooks. I went to Target a while back and purchased some of those velvet hangers, but they’re made for ties and belts. I bought a two pack and I use those on the back of our closet door to hang Kylor’s ties and whatever belt he is wearing for that time period.

2012-03-12 16.04.51

So if you enter our closet and look to the left, this is what you’ll see. This is my collection (with a couple of Kylor’s thrown in) of hoodies and jackets. Most are Hollister and Victoria’s Secret Pink hoodies, but I have a few random ones and then I have a parka from Forever 21 and some other various coat-type thing.

2012-03-12 16.05.56

This is the shelf above the hoodies, it holds Kylor’s old yearbooks, some of his hats, and his pants, separated by casual and work pants.

2012-03-12 16.06.04

This is the shelf to the right of that, above our work clothes. It holds my work pants, jeans and shorts, some random makeup bags and a mini drawer set that used to house my makeup and now houses fashion-related products: Downy Wrinkle Release, double-sided tape, nipple petals, clear bra straps, etc.

This is the far right of that shelf. Here we keep belts, hats, mittens, scarves, etc.

2012-03-12 16.06.22

This is the section of the closet that I put our uniform work shirts, my dresses, my halter tops and my “dressy” tank tops.

2012-03-12 16.06.31

This is most of our work clothes, everything except for what was in the dirty clothes when these pictures were taken. On the left is my stuff, on the right is Kylors.

2012-03-12 16.06.37

To the right of those clothes, there is 2 more rods to hand things from and 2 more shelves. On the bottom most shelf on the left side is all of my handbags.

1331593604410     2012-03-12 16.06.48

Above that is all of my layering tank-tops.

And to the right of those are all of my cardigans and shrugs.

2012-03-12 16.06.55

Below all of that are all of our t-shirts – mine on the left, Kylor’s on the right.


Behind my makeup collection (which is to the right of the t-shirts) is where I keep my lingerie. This is the only section that has it’s own special hangers.

2012-03-12 16.07.25

This is underneath the hoodies. We have an extra suitcase and bin that we don’t have room for anywhere else, some of Kylor’s shoes (on the floor), our slippers (on top of the bin), and a pair of my boots to the right, where you can start to see the rest of my shoes.

2012-03-12 16.07.33

These are my shoes, minus the couple pairs I had been wearing the past couple days.

2012-03-12 16.07.52

To the left of the hoodies are some shoe hangers, which I store flip-flops in.

2012-03-12 16.08.05

Above the layering tank-tops and cardigans is a shelf with a box of personal belongings, an old CD player, and some old things of Kylor’s from high school.


Here are some more of my shoes. . . I have a lot. . .

2012-03-12 16.08.21

As weird as this looks, let me explain. We do laundry once a week, typically on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Those are my days off and Kylor typically has at least one of those days off. Because we both work at car dealerships, we have weird days off, but it works for us:) Anyways, because we only do laundry once a week, we tend to have a lot of dirty clothes at any given time. The closet looks kind of empty in these pictures, but I took these pictures the day before laundry day, and normally the closet is packed. It gets hard to hang up any new clothes we buy. We have a problem with clothes. . . :)

2012-03-12 16.08.57

And of course, Kylor never hangs up his ties, so we always have random ties, socks and clothes sitting on our dresser that are waiting to be put away.

2012-03-12 16.10.00

Speaking of our dresser, this is it. We’re actually getting rid of this one and getting a new one, but this is the one we have right now. On the far left is my jewelry box that Kylor bought me for my birthday. To the right of that is my fragrance collection. Under that is a little drawer that we just put random stuff in. Boxes that jewelry came in, lanyards that hold keys, etc. And on the big shelf on the right is a little drawer set that we use to hold whatever and some pictures and misc stuffed animals and hello kittys. It normally is more organized and nicer looking than this. In the super long drawer on top is our underwear drawer, and the drawer underneath that on the right is my drawer of bras, bathing suits, workout clothes and leggings. No pictures of those:)


In the drawer underneath my bra drawer I keep my sleep shorts, sweatpants and basketball shorts.

2012-03-12 16.09.42

In the drawer to the left of that is Kylor’s sleep pants.

2012-03-12 16.09.35

In the drawer to the left of my bra drawer is our sock drawer. Kylor definitely has more socks than me.

2012-03-12 16.09.50

And that little cabinet all the way to the left is Kylor’s swim trunks and mismatched socks.

What do your guys’ closets look like? How do you store your clothes?



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