Saturday Sparkle: 03/24/2012

This is going to replace the weekly hauls. From now on, I’m going to post hauls as I get things, because it was waaay too much work to post everything I got a week. This past week, I did WAY too much shopping, and I was drowning, so I figured I would mix it up. There is no haul post for this past week, they will start up with my new plan this upcoming week, but this is the new Saturday feature:














5 things I’m currently loving:

1. My man:)
2. My first Coastal Scents palette, the Eclipse 15 concealer palette
3. My new business cards!
4. The nice ladies at PR companies
5. candles that smell good:)


1. reading: I’m at a lull. I just finished “Dreamlandby Sarah Dessen, and now I’m trying to pick out another book for the 50 Book Challenge. Any suggestions?

2. watching: Kylor and I are trying to watch the whole Charmed series. He says he thinks we’re on season 4 so far.

3. eating: Kylor is making us some nachos for dinner per my cravings:)

4. drinking: Right now, I’m drinking a Coke. I hate regular Coke (I’m a Pepsi gal), but it was sale a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been drink Coke and Sprite a lot this week.

5. wearing: Ha! I’m wearing some Forever 21 denim shorts and a Billabong shirt. Today was cleaning day for us, so no makeup and hair in a ponytail. I’m going cas today:)

6. loathing: apartment complexes and stupid leases and stupid lease rules from apartment complexes.

No link up this week – no time with the cleaning and shopping and such. But, stay tuned for next week! :)



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