Review: Maybelline FitMe! Foundation

2012-03-12 15.01.47

See this bottle? A lot of people don’t like this bottle. Seriously, I have seen so many bad reviews about this foundation. But, honestly? I like it. . .

2012-03-12 15.02.50      2012-03-12 15.02.42

This is the bottle, front and back. I wear shade 120 classic ivory.

2012-03-12 15.03.08

This is the advertising campaign, which I do think is accurate. This foundation line has a large range of colors for every skin tone.


When this foundation first came out, there were samples for it EVERYWHERE. There were pull-outs in magazines, Maybelline was sending out sample sheets, and in the end, I had 3 full sets of samples for every shade/color in the line. And nothing to do with them.
Which is partly what sparked this review. I was sitting there, with all of these samples FOR MONTHS, wondering, what on earth can I do with a s**t-ton of samples that aren’t even in my shade range. And then, when I started this blog, it hit me! Swatchers heaven:)

So, that is what I’m doing. But, just as a before and after shot, the picture above is what I started with.


This is what I ended with. Well, this and a Fry’s grocery bag filled with bits and pieces of trash.

So, swatches first, an actual review later: (NOTE: For all swatch pictures, the swatch on the left side of my hand is the actual swatch. The color is blended into my hand on the right side of my hand)

1331589895460    110 porcelain

1331590047911    115 ivory

2012-03-12 15.17.36    120 classic ivory

1331590762857      125 nude beige

1331590895950     130 buff beige

1331591010239      135 creamy natural

1331591149939       210 sandy beige

1331591256428      220 natural beige

1331591377857    225 medium buff

1331592330689      230 natural buff

1331592494896      235 pure beige

1331592612670       245 medium beige

1331592737393      310 sun beige

1331592825459      315 soft honey

1331593095558      320 honey beige

2012-03-12 15.59.19      325 cream beige 

1331593225701       350 caramel

1331593290552        355 coconut

Now, the review:

1331593387431      2012-03-12 16.03.01

The bottle is a pour-top bottle, which I’m not a huge fan of, but whatever, at least it’s sanitary.

A lot of people have said that this doesn’t last all day and the pigmentation sucks and grrrrrr.

I agree with that to a point. For me, it lasts all day, except in the summertime because I live in Arizona and no makeup lasts all day. but, in order for it to last all day at all, I need an excellent face primer and a lot of makeup setting spray.

The pigmentation is good, and the foundation doesn’t smell weird, but it could be better.

There’s not really a whole not to talk about with this foundation that hasn’t been said before. This was mainly just a swatch post that I wanted to give you guys with a really mini review.

My rating? 3/5 stars.


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