Nail Polish Storage & Organization 2012

So, since I took these pictures some things have changed, and I will try to point out was has changed. PLUS: I will be doing an entire actual collection of swatches and what I currently have sometime soon. I have a really weird way of organizing my nail polishes, but it works for me, so here you go! :

2012-02-29 14.06.04

I use a plastic acrylic container to store my polishes and most of my nail tools and accessories.

2012-02-29 14.06.16        1330549631706
These are some overviews of the sections in the container.

I have well over 50 bottles of nail polish and I get asked all the time how I keep track of what I have.

First of all, I group all the brands together in the container. And then I purchased nail swatch templates online (from Sally Beauty Supply on Amazon) and I swatch all of my nail polishes. They look like this:

2012-02-29 14.16.34

On the underside of the nail templates, I used a White-Out pen and wrote numbers 1-whatever and then wrote the corresponding numbers on the bottles of nail polish (which is why some of the nail polishes shown have White-Out on them:)

2012-02-29 14.16.18 

So, that’s how I store everything. The things that don’t fit in the container like my nail polish remover and things like that, I just store next to the container, and it’s all put under the counter in my vanity area, tucked away in a cabinet. I keep whatever polish I’m currently using and a top coat on the coffee table at all times:)

Here are some pictures of some of my various nail polishes. For my entire nail polish collection, keep your eyes open for that post coming up sometime soon:)
2012-02-29 14.11.38      2012-02-29 14.10.41


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