My Weekly Haul 03/17/2012

So, I decided instead of doing a bunch of little haul posts, I’m just gonna do one BIG one. Tell me what you guys think and which way you prefer in the comments!

This is what was in my mailbox this week:

2012-03-12 14.47.44     1331783827781

I got a lot of magazines this week – Seventeen, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Martha Stewart Living, Women’s Health, US Weekly, and Bridal Guide. These are all magazines that I have free subscriptions to through various freebie links.

1331783953927     2012-03-14 20.59.19

This was cute, I thought. On the left is the actual box that came in the mail. On the right is what you saw when you opened up the box. This is a sample of the new Tide Pod Detergent. Tide Pod Detergent is a detergent, a stain remover and a brightener all in one little pouch that you just throw in the wash instead of a cup full of detergent. I got this via a free sample sign-up link.

1331783977519     2012-03-14 20.59.53

The sample came with one (1) Tide Pod and a little information sheet.

The sheet says:

Your free sample of Tide Pods is here. 

Congrats! With your free sample of New Tide Pods, you’re now ready to POP your laundry. Get Detergent + Stain Remover + Brightener in one. Each exciting new pac equals one laundry load. No more pouring. No more lugging. No more spills. Just toss one in – it’s that easy!

Once you try your sample we’d love to hear what you think. Please visit to share your review. And thanks again for your help. We appreciate your time and honest feedback.

1331863129144    2012-03-15 18.58.58

Next, I got a travel size tube of the new Simple Refreshing Facial Wash. On the left is the box that it came it, and the right is an up-close shot of the tube.

1331863143391    1331863153410

This is the actual product. It’s 1.7 FL OZ and this is available @ CVS and Target stores. I saw this last time Kylor and I were @ Target, and I was interested in it. I got this via a free sample sign-up sheet, and I was excited when I signed up for it.

2012-03-15 18.59.32     2012-03-15 18.59.52     2012-03-15 19.00.09

And the last thing I got for free in the mail this week was a sample packet of the Origins Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum. I also got this via a free sample sign-up link. Keep an eye out for a mini-review on an upcoming Sample Sunday!

I sign up for loads of free samples – they’re great way to try new products. I’m thinking about starting a series where I post links to these types of samples – what do you guys think? Would you guys be interested in that?

So, we went grocery shopping this week (I know, go figure, right?) There were a couple of things I needed to pick up this week, and this will probably be a boring post, but I figured I might as well go ahead and share. I try to share everything new I get with you guys throughout the week. So, here we go:


The boring bit – I needed some razor blades and we were there anyways, so I just picked up a basic 4-count of Venus razor blades. They were $10.99 with a Fry’s Club card.

2012-03-12 14.48.26     2012-03-12 14.49.15

2012-03-12 14.53.00     2012-03-12 14.59.58

I’ve heard a lot of things about this mini palette – it’s even been compared to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette in some reviews. So, I decided I wanted to try it for myself. This is the Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in 10 sunbaked neutrals.

1331589023728     2012-03-12 14.51.42

On the left is the top 4 colors swatched left to right.
On the right is the bottom 4 colors swatched left to right.

I really like this, but I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, so we’ll see.

2012-03-12 14.48.00     1331588891076

Remember the coupon I got last week for a free Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion product?
Well, I picked that up @ Fry’s this week. I got the Color Care Conditoner since I dye my hair. I figured it was a good choice. I got it for free with the coupon.
I haven’t tried it yet since I’m still using TRESemme Moisture Rich: Luxurious Moisture Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair and I have one more bottle after that in the inventory to use up before I use this one. So, it’ll be a while, but it’ll get used:)

2012-03-15 19.23.42     1331865567548

This is a bit of a random piece of my haul. My mom went to Kohl’s last week and saw this dress and picked it up as a present for me! :)
It’s by Ultra Pink and it’s an ivory laced dress with a thin brown belt to cinch at the waist. It was $48.00.

2012-03-15 19.39.53    1331865602425

And since we’re on the topic of clothes, I ordered this shirt from It’s a Derek Heart top and it was $7.99 plus $2.00 shipping. It came in 3 colors, and I chose ‘charcoal’.

2012-03-14 20.57.14     2012-03-14 20.57.27

I ordered this from Etsy. I wanted some nail templates on trees, and this seller was selling them in a 6-pack for $6.95 (I believe) plus a couple bucks for shipping.

1331783853064    2012-03-14 20.57.51     2012-03-14 20.58.05

She sent me a really cute note, the nail templates, and as a special bonus gift, a little baggie of nail gems. They’re so cute:)

2012-03-14 20.58.32     2012-03-14 20.58.45    1331783933624

I also was in the market for some nail brushes, so I ordered this set from Amazon. It was $9.99 and it has a ton of brushes. I also ordered a dotting set, but it hasn’t gotten here yet. I’ll post about it when it comes in the mail, though – probably in next week’s haul post.

2012-03-14 20.59.01    1331783938599

This is a close up of the the brushes. There are a ton and they’re so tiny and detailed! I can’t wait to try them out!

2012-03-15 18.56.51    2012-03-15 18.57.30    1331863074760

And this is my last purchase of the week. When I was on Amazon, I purchased a couple of things, but I needed to spend $25.00 to get free shipping, so I found this eyeshadow and purchased it for $4.99 (I believe). It is the Almay Pure Blends in 205 cocoa.

I do have another one of these eyeshadows, in 215 steel.I bought that one @ a J.C. Penney’s outlet for $3.99 and I really liked it, so when I saw this on Amazon, I just grabbed it:)

1331863097145    1331863112740

Here’s some swatches. It’s a really pretty (slighty shimmer-y) neutral bronze-ish color. I like it! :)

Thanks for tuning in. Here’s the questions from today’s post:

1. Which do you guys like better – one big haul post or a bunch of little ones every Saturday?
2. Would you guys be interested in a series on freebie links so your mailboxes can start to look like mine?



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