Review: Philips SatinPerfect Epilator

Philips SatinPerfect Epilator

I am a member of BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth campaign website. You sign up for a free account on website, take some surveys and then you get invited to campaigns. Previously, I’ve done 2 Covergirl campaigns, a Thomas Bagels campaign, and a blog campaign. You can also get MyPoints points for your MyPoints accounts by doing their surveys and campaign activities. Once you try out the product and tell people about it, you can do campaign activities, and get invited to do even more!

Anyways, BzzAgent recently sent me everything pictured above. I was so excited to try this out because I’ve always wanted to try out an epilator, they’re just so expensive! This is $84.99 @, on sale and without all the extras this pack came with.

I don’t have a picture of the packaging, unfortunately, but you will see other pictures of the product in this review.

First of all, I received an e-mail from BzzAgent a little while ago and it had some interesting facts about the epilator that I thought I would share with you guys:

1. Hair does not grow at the same speed. Epilate regularly the first few weeks and you will be rewarded with long-lasting smooth legs.

2. Evenings are the best time to epilate. You will feel relaxed and any minor skin irritations that may occur will disappear overnight.

3. Taking a shower or bath before you start will help open the skin pores, resulting in a closer epilation.

4. Make sure your skin is completely dry and free of any creams or lotions.

So, onto some pictures:


This is everything that I received, along with:

2012-03-12 14.39.39       2012-03-12 14.39.54

An introductory letter and a BzzAgent guide (which is just an awesome information book that has tons of great info on products!)

My introductory letter basically just gave me an introduction to the product, some information on completing the BzzAgent campaigns and the BzzAgent code of conduct.

The BzzAgent guide had some great information that I will talk more about later in the post.

2012-03-12 14.36.34      1331588200943

This is the epilator itself. It’s kind of intimidating. I was really excited to try it until I turned it on. It sounds like a freaking chain saw. But, I got over my fears:)

2012-03-12 14.36.24

This is the bag. Everything pictured in the first picture all fits nicely in this little bag which makes it great for storage:)

2012-03-12 14.37.05      2012-03-12 14.37.25

A cute little extra you get with this is a pair of light-up tweezers!

2012-03-12 14.38.39       2012-03-12 14.38.28       1331588291482

I got 3 attachment heads.

2012-03-12 14.38.00      2012-03-12 14.37.52

A directions booklet and a mini cleaning brush.


And a charger!

Now, onto some information from the BzzAgent Guide:

The first page of the BzzAgent Guide is called What’s The Bzz?

It talks about how the epilator will give you smoother, faster, long-lasting hairless legs. It says that this new epilator removes hair so quickly, your legs are ready before you are! “Thanks to an extra wide head and textured ceramic discs, it gently removes more hair in one stroke.” And it says that the epilator removes hair directly from the root, but it has an active massage system that soothes the skin, along with other features to make it pain-free.

The second page talks about some more facts about the epliator. This is what it says, word for word:

1. Extra Wide Head
Encounters and removes more hair in one stroke for long lasting and super smooth results in minutes.

2. Textured Ceramic Discs
Ensures even the finest hairs can’t slip through.

3. Unique Active Hair Lifter
Uses subtle vibrations to life fine hairs, making it easy to remove them – even flat-lying hairs!

4. Optimal Performance Cap
Pivots for optimal skin contact and optimal results.

5. Active Massaging System
Massages, stimulates and soothes skin for a pleasant epilation process.

6. Opti-Light
Reveals tiny, fine hairs clearly.

7. Illuminating Smart Tweezers
Integrated light and mirror help illuminate finer hairs for precision removal on facial areas such as eyebrows and upper lip.

And the third page is called “The Scoop on Epilation“. It’s basically an FAQ for epilators and it states that the brand (Philips) are the ones who answered these questions, and this is what it says (word for word):

1. Is it painful to epilate?
When you are new to epilation, your first few sessions can be sensitive (comparable to waxing). This will decrease rapidly over time as your skin gets used to the sensation. Besides, less hair will re-grow over time.

2. Is it difficult to epilate?
No, you can do this at ease in your own bathroom or bedroom. Just switch on the appliance and start epilating from the bottom up, moving the epilator upwards against the hair growth direction.

3. What if I have sensitive skin?
The epilator is designed with all types of skin in mind, although Philips does recommend consulting the directions for use first. Your SatinPerfect’s epilation head has textured ceramic discs that grip even the finest hairs and have a hypoallergenic coating that is gentle on the skin.

4. Will hair grow back darker or thicker?
We’ve heard this myth a million times, and it’s just not true! Hair will not grow back darker. And epilation does not increase hair growth. What can create this impression is that higher summer temperatures influence hair growth. Blood circulates faster; which improves the nutrition of hair roots. With the Philips SatinPerfect epilator hair actually grows back finer, softer, and less often.

All in all, I tried this and I really liked it. I even prefer it over regular shaving and waxing and I definitely recommend it to anyone that is curious.

RATING:  5/5 stars.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from BzzAgent. All opinions expressed are my own and are in no way altered.


One thought on “Review: Philips SatinPerfect Epilator

  1. Great Review! I love how you included pictures and were so honest. I too am a BuzzAgent but have not gotten a campaign yet. I am looking forward to my first one. I have a blog also about couponing in Canada and money saving experiments. My friends, amily and co-workers love to come by and see what I am up to. Please feel free to pop by my blog anytime


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