Subscription Service: Julep Maven



Julep is a boutique nail salon, and Julep Maven is their montly subscription service.

FUN FACT: Julep donates $1 from every bottle of Julep Nail Color to organizations that support women.

I couldn’t find an FAQ on their website, but I am signed up with them. Unfortunately, this means that I can only give you a little recap to what I know about the company and the service.

You pay $19.99 a month and you recive two full-size Julep Nail Colors, 1 full-size body/skin care product and something extra.

I will be starting to do unboxing posts, but I’m honestly not sure how much longer I will be using Julep Maven as one of my monthly subscription services, so I will be posting them starting this month until I stop purchasing these boxes. ( I want to try out some of the different subscription services and this is my most expensive one. . . )

The nail polishes you get retail for $14.00 each in the Julep store. This means that you’re already saving money, plus the full-size body/skin care product and whatever little extra they throw in.

I love the nail colors they have, they’re always very creative. A couple of the ones I have received have had icky formulas though, and the bottles are shaped differently, so they do hold less nail polish than regular bottles. I already went through the entire bottle of the color ‘anne’!

Some of the full-size body/skin care products I have received in the past boxes: A hand scrub, a body scrub, 100% argan oil (review coming up!).

Some of the little ‘extras’ I have received in the past boxes: chocolate, little samples of various products, a nail file, etc.

I like this service and I definitely think it’s worth the cost. The only reason I’m thinking about cancelling mine is because I have tons of polishes already, it’s my most expensive subscription service, and I really want to try out some other ones. But, go and check it out!

What do you guys think of Julep and their polishes? Have you tried them?



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