Sample Sunday: Julep SPF 30 Hand Cream

This is a new feature on the blog. Every Sunday will be Sample Sunday, where I pick a sample to talk about! :)

This week, it’s Julep SPF 30 Hand Cream. I received this in one of my Julep Maven boxes, so I thought I would try it out.

2012-03-08 20.40.31      1331264457188

This is what the packaging looks like. And on the right is the packaging once it’s open.

This was a general hand cream, exactly what you would expect.

DIRECTIONS (from back of sample sachet): Apply often throughout the day to soothe and hydrate dry hands. Reapply after hand washing and before sun exposure. For best results, use after Julep Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub. (which was in the same Julep box, but it was the full size version of the hand scrub)

1331264470634      1331264525501

Looks like a normal hand cream, right?

The only difference is, I’m not a huge fan of this stuff. It was super greasy and I actually had to use hand sanitizer afterwards because it felt like I had just put my hand in a tub of Crisco. Plus, (and I don’t know how well you can make this out in the picture on the right), it made my skin have that “wet” look to it that I hate. Some lotions make your skin look like you just stepped out of the shower and your body is still damp, and this one definitely has that effect.

I’d rate it a 1.5/5 stars.
Kylor rates it a 1/5 because I didn’t like it:) How sweet that he just agrees with me! :)



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