Makeup Storage & Organization 2012

So, I’m going to be doing a “My Collection” series (read more about it in the next updates post), so I thought before I started that, I should give you guys a quick (poorly done) overview of how I store my makeup and beauty products.

Please keep in mind while reading this, I am crazy about how I organize things and I always go through and re-do this to make it more organized, but the basic set-up always stays the same. I just go through and make sure everything’s in place:)

So, first of all, I store my actual makeup products in a 10-set drawer in our closet. Which sounds weird, but trust me, I have my reasons. . . :)

2012-03-09 19.25.52 - Copy       2012-03-09 19.26.55 - Copy

So, this is the drawer set, on the left. (Expect a closet tour soon!) Kylor bought it for me from Target for Christmas last year because I had seen these in beauty guru’s Youtube videos, and they looked like the best storage solution for my makeup and how I wanted it organized.

The picture on the right is of the top of the drawer set. On it, I keep my makeup brushes (Makeup Brush Storage & Organization post will be up on March 15, 2012) Next to the brushes, I keep my face primers and my foundation.

2012-03-09 19.27.28 - Copy     2012-03-09 19.25.59 - Copy

The face primers are just kind of sitting there, all grouped together.
The foundation is in a separate container from a separate storage system I had purchased previously. I keep full sized bottles in the back of (with the newest products still in the boxes), samples of foundation in the left hand corner of the front of the container. And to the right hand corner of the front of the container is 4 mini B.B. Creams from a press pack I got.


In the first drawer of the set, I keep misc. makeup tools. I have my disposable makeup brushes, mini brushes that come in sets, & mini kabuki brushes that are GWPs (read more about them in the brush storage & organization post). I keep my Brush Guard in here, my false eyelashes, a Sephora eye mask, some eyebrow shapers, pencil sharpeners, tweezers, etc.

2012-03-09 19.28.08

In the second drawer, I have the rest of my face products. I have 3 baskets towards the back that I purchased @ Walgreens. The one on the far left holds concealers, eye brighteners, and highlighters. In the middle basket, I have my face powders and makeup setting powders. In the basket on the far right, I keep all my bronzers.

In the long, skinny basket on the far right at the bottom of the drawer (in the picture) I keep all of my blushes. And to the left of that I keep my illuminators and the eye brightener that I currently use.


In the third drawer, I keep some of my eye products. In the basket on the far left, I keep my eyeshadow and eyelash primers. In the middle basket I keep all my eyeliners, and in the basket on the far right I keep all my brow products and misc lash & brow products that don’t really have any other home. In the very back of the drawer (the far far right in the picture) I keep my two eyelash curlers.

2012-03-09 19.30.08

In the fourth drawer, I keep my eyeshadows. In the back to the left I keep all my Bare Minerals single pots and my E.L.F. pigment pots, plus a couple of minis from Subscription Services. Below that I keep my Maybelline New York Color Tattoo eyeshadows. To the right of those (in the big plastic container), I keep all my shadow sticks and those type of shadows, all of my misc. shadow singles from various brands and my L’Oreal Paris HIP Pigments.

Below all of that, in the little row at the bottom of the picture, I keep my Mary Kay eyeshadow samples, my Covergirl singles, some quads from various brands and a couple of other eyeshadow “sets”.

2012-03-09 19.30.23

In the fifth drawer, I keep various eye and lip products. In the basket to the far left, I keep all of my mascaras. The basket in the middle holds my lip liners and my lip primers. And everything to the right is various types of chap stick and lip balm.

2012-03-09 19.30.41

The sixth drawer holds lip products. In the back to the left are lipsticks and deluxe samples of lip glosses. To the right of that there are various lip glosses that come in little shaped containers. To the right of that are my Mary Kay lip gloss samples and then to the right of that are shimmer lip balms and clear lip glosses.

In the large basket there are all of my lip glosses. To the left of that are all of my tinted lip balms, just kinda chilling there.


In the seventh drawer, I keep all my colorful makeup palettes, just stacked however they can fit.


In the eighth drawer, I keep all my plain black palettes that are mainly eyeshadows and lip glosses.


In the ninth drawer, I have my huge Ulta Getaway Palette. It’s the only place it would fit! That’s literally all I have in this drawer.


And in the tenth and final drawer, I have some Rembrandt whitening strips that I just got and haven’t figured out where I want to put them yet, and a couple of the products that I’m going to be reviewing this month.

2012-03-09 19.32.46    2012-03-09 19.33.58

Okay, so this is our bathroom counter. To the left of this is the walk-in (kind of) closet and to the right of it is the actual bathroom where the toilet and shower are. This is always crazy messy and the whole point of me doing this blog is to be real and honest about makeup, and this is the real and honest truth: anywhere that you do your makeup is going to be messy. End of story.

The picture on the right is the mirror that I do my makeup in. It’s a lighted, magnifying, double-sided makeup mirror and I love it! I bought it @ Best Buy with a $50 gift card that I got for free. It was about $20.00.

2012-03-09 19.32.11      2012-03-09 19.32.17

Now, I’m going to take you on a quick tour of our medicine cabinets. This one is Kylor’s. The picture on the left is the top 2 shelves and the picture on the right is the bottom 2 shelves.

On Kylor’s first shelf, there all pill-type medicines.
On the second shelf is anything else related to first-aid. (He kind of got the short end of the stick by having to house all of the first-aid type things in his cabinet. . . )
The third shelf is cough medicine that wouldn’t fit on the top 2 shelves and all of Kylor’s shaving supplies.
The fourth shelf is his cologne and deodorant and various mouthwashes and that type of stuff.

1331346749720      2012-03-09 19.32.37

This is my medicine cabinet. The picture on the left is the top 2 shelves and the picture on the right is the bottom 2 shelves.

On the first shelf is all my “random” products, like my brush cleaners, cocoa butter, ointment that I used when my tattoos were first healing, muscle reliever cream, sunscreen, and various other products like that.
My second shelf is various thing like Biore nose strips, a bottle of hand sanitizer to use while I do my makeup, a small pair of scissors to cut open samples, floss, Colgate Wisps, and random things like that.
My third shelf houses all the things I use on a some-what regular to regular basis. I have self-tanner there, my moisturizer and eye cream, deodorant, makeup setting spray, acne spot treatments, makeup remover, etc.
My fourth shelf is the hair products that I use on a daily basis and a Nivea cellulite remover gel (which I’m trying to use up and it’s taking me forever!), plus my toner.


The Victoria’s Secret bag that was sitting on the counter in the earlier picture houses my monthly empties. The picture above is my empties so far for March 2012. Whenever I finish a product (any product), I just toss it in this bag and save them up until the end of the month so I can do an empties post for you guys:)

1331346819391       2012-03-09 19.33.51

On our bathroom counter, we have two drawers. The drawer on the left houses out toothpaste, my razor blades, various Venus razor handles, my epilator, extra batteries for my makeup mirror, a face cleansing spin brush, some Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer holders, and some various tins and sample bags.

The drawer on the right holds cotton rounds (for my toner and makeup remover), baby wipes, Q-Tips, the Q-Tips precision point and two baskets filled with various hair ties/hair bands/head bands/and hair clips.

There are two cabinets underneath the sink area. The one on the far left holds our scale and cleaning supplies/air fresheners/and back up candles.

The one on the right holds more of my beauty products.


The left hand side of the cabinet holds

The top shelf holds containers of pads/tampons/panty liners (not shown) on the top shelf.
The bottom shelf holds little pots/lids/and labels for any samples or anything like that, my nail wheels, an acrylic nail set, a Julep hand mask and some nail polish removers.

2012-03-09 19.34.31     1331346877598

The right hand side of the cabinet holds:

The top shelf holds back up q-tips, cotton rounds, makeup wedges, etc. Some various products in the back and face masks on the right.
The bottom shelf holds my nail polish collection.

We have a pretty good sized linen closet for an apartment. The very top shelf on the linen closet is the only shelf that actually holds “linens”. We keep the hand towels and wash cloths that I use for makeup there, as well as spare sheets, comforters and pillow cases.

2012-03-09 19.34.52

The second shelf holds the rest of my hair products, grouped together by category and set up like store would set up their shelves. It also holds an extra hair straightener, my blow dryer, my curling iron, some extra hair brushes of various types and a hair towel.

2012-03-09 19.35.02
The third shelf holds various Bath Beauty Products.
From left to right it holds: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions, more lotion, moisturizers, face wash, deodorants, makeup remover, and then in the back is some extra toners, shaving cream and some various bath products.

1331346910441     1331346919332

The fourth shelf holds towels and a container that I use to hold my “medicine cabinet” back ups.

The “medicine cabinet” back ups is just a container I bought from Target and it houses all out extra hand sanitizers, tanning products, toothpaste, sunscreen, etc.

2012-03-09 19.35.28

The final “shelf” (which is really the floor) holds various items: a bed frame, some Sham Wows, back up baby wipes and makeup remover towelettes and extra toilet paper.

2012-03-09 19.35.53

Last but not least, on my dresser (next to my jewelry box), I store all of my fragrances. The Pink square shaped bottles are up front, along with sample vials. The tray that everything is sitting on is a serving tray purchased @ Target for about $13.00 (on clearance). All my bottles, minis, roller balls, and body mists are there. In the back (not on the tray, but behind it) are 2 Bath and Body Works mists and all other perfume samples that don’t come in the little vials.

How do you organize your makeup?
Keep an eye out for all the posts mentioned in this one!


7 thoughts on “Makeup Storage & Organization 2012

  1. I love that 10 drawer organizer. Do you have to wash your brushes often? I keep my stuff in our closet as well but most of my brushes are kept in a roll because I fear dust lol. But I do keep some pretty pink ones out on the dresser + I usually wash them a few times a month.

  2. I generally wash my brushes after whatever product was used for that brush is gone. I wash them in between sometimes if there is too much product build-up. The dust thing is really not an issue though, I’ve never had to wash them solely because of the dust issue. I’ve never actually noticed a dust problem by keeping them in the closet. Actually, I’ve noticed less because since I don’t do my makeup in the closet, it protects them from powder fall out that lands on the counter and stuff.

    • Thank you! As I said in the post, I saw these on a bunch of beauty guru’s videos on youtube, found them online and told my boyfriend I wanted them for Christmas:) They’ve worked perfectly so far! :)

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