Blog Updates 03/2012

There are some updates I’d like to inform you all about.

1. The “Products I’ve Used Up” page. This is a page with a list of all of my empties since January 1, 2012. I will update it every month when I do an empties post.

2. The “My Collection” page. From 03/13/2012 – 04/13/2012, I will be posting multiple posts of various My Collection categories. I will be linking all of these posts in the “My Collection” page. I will keep these posts as updated as possible with pictures and swatches when necessary. Whenever I do a Haul post, I will be linking up to any “My Collection” posts that have changed based on that haul. Same goes for the empties posts, so the “My Collection” posts will be updated, as necessary every week and every month.

3. I will be starting a new series on the blog called “Shop My Closet”. I will be posting a post every once in a while with different clothes/shoes/accessories/jewelry/handbags/etc. until I have showcased everything in my closet. And everytime I get something new, I will be adding it. All of these posts will be in one category called “Shop My Closet”. If you click on that category, you can see everything in my closet when the series is (eventually) over.

4. I will try to post at least 2 posts every day, sometimes more, sometimes less, but at least one post per day, promise! :)



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