Beauty Sample Subscription Services

There are quite a lot of Beauty Sample Subscription Services out there (and in many different countries). I’m choosing to only blog about the ones I am signed up for (how would I blog about the others, really?)

I will be doing unboxing posts for them all from here on out. I know some people feel it gets old after a while, but I actually never get tired of seeing them. Even if it’s the same products, I love reading about peoples’ first impressions of the goodies they get in the boxes, so keep your eyes out for those posts! :)

The services I am signed up for are:

1. BirchBox

BirchBox gives you 4-5 deluxe beauty samples from “luxury brands” (according to the website). These are a variety of beauty products. It costs $10 a month, but there is a discounted rate if you order it yearly. There are no shipping & handling fees. The difference between this company and the others is their points program. There are a few different ways to earn points and for every 100 points you rack up, you receive $10 off a full-size product order.

2. BeautyBox5

BeautyBox5 gives you 4-5 deluxe samples and they charge $12 a month, plus free shipping & handling. This is another company that offers a variety of beauty products.

3. Julep Maven

Julep Maven gives you 2 nail polishes from the Julep line (love these!), a full-size skin care/nail care product and some 1-time use samples . This a box solely for nail polishes and skin/nail products. It costs $19.99 a month with free shipping & handling. 

I think this price seems like a lot, but you get 2 of their full-sized nail polishes, plus other products and their full-sized nail polishes retail for $14.00 each.
4. Eco Emi

Eco Emi isn’t really what I would consider a “beauty subscription service”, but I think it helps in providing a beautiful lifestyle. They send out beauty products, food, household products, etc. and they are all organic/free trade//eco-friendly/etc. I love it, but some beauty bloggers/gurus don’t. They send you a minimum of 5 samples (I’ve always received a ton more than that!) all wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging for $15.00 a month.

I’m interested in trying out some more of these, so please, let me know about any other ones out there. And I hope you enjoy all the upcoming unboxing posts!




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