Happy late Valentines Day!

For Valentines Day, Kylor and I picked up some Chilis takeout and watched some terrible horror movies @ home.

I haven’t updated in a couple days because of Valentines day and yesterday (the day after Valentines Day) was Kylor’s 21st birthday, so it was party day! :)

So some quick updates I wanted to mention:

1. I’m trying to get all the background aspects of the blog up-and-running, it’s just really time-consuming, so be patient please! :)

2. I am signed up with 3 beauty sample subscriptions: Julep Maven, Eco Emi & Beauty Box 5. I will be doing unboxing posts for each of these as I get them, and I am on the waiting list for Birchbox (haven’t tried yet!) and the brand new My Glam Bag. Excited for those:)

3. I will try to do at least 1 post a day from now on! :)

4. I won’t be doing a February empties post and this is why: because of how I do my beauty inventory, I don’t generally save everything up for a month @ a time, so all my empties for the first half of February I’ve already thrown away, but starting in March, there will be one every month.

5. I will be mentioning the “beauty inventory” a lot, and there will be a post very very soon explaining what that is and how I use it.


Stay tuned for all the excitedness going on around here:)


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