The Introduction

My name is Shandi. I’m a total freak when it comes to anything related to beauty. I love it all! :)

I’m so interested in trying out new (and old) beauty products, talking about them, playing with them, etc.

I like reviewing products, so except a bunch of reviews. I haul a lot, so expect a bunch of those, too:)

I do accept PR products to review, so you will see those on here, but I also buy my own beauty products the majority of the time, but my opinion on a product is not influenced on how I got it. I never want to lead anybody astray on the good and bad of beauty products.

I will be posting a variety of posts, so hopefully it won’t ever get boring!  I am new to the beauty blogging world, so bear with me as it might take a while to get things up and running, but it will eventually:)

Some Fun Facts about me:
1. I have an ongoing list of my “beauty inventory” that I update as I get new products and use up old products. I’ll probably do an entire post on why  I do this and how mine is set up.

2. I have a fantastic boyfriend and two adorable dogs and we reside in a way too expensive apartment in Phoenix, AZ.

3. I go shopping waaaay too much, so expect a lot of (mini) haul posts.

4. I love anything related to beauty, so while the main purpose of this blog is beauty products, anything that will make my *life* more beautiful, I will post about:)

5. I love saving money while looking beautiful, so I’ll post coupon codes, sale and giveaway alerts and freebies offered by companies that I am taking advatage of, so you can share in the wealth, too:)



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